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  1. strawberry-og-female-cannabisseeds-cali-connection-dope.jpg


    Strawberry by Cali Connection
  2. B1CB913A-764B-482A-8124-4FC25C803ADD.jpeg


    Hindu Kush flip +26 days
  3. Brickie74

    Bubbas exploded

    Seems like they almost doubled in size over night.
  4. Barney's Black November

    Barney's Black November

  5. CPK


  6. Jordan of the Island Genetics, small nug

    Jordan of the Island Genetics, small nug

    Jordan of the Island Genetics, small nug 2
  7. Jordans Kush

    Jordans Kush

    Jordan of the Island Genetics, small nug
  8. JOTI Kush

    JOTI Kush

    Un-budwashed Jordans Kush from Jordan of the Island
  9. 420mag jordans kush.jpg

    420mag jordans kush.jpg

    Jordan of the Island Genetics, Jordans Kush
  10. CanGrows


    Hi All First time grower here learning as I go, i look forward to learning more off of you all.
  11. Optimus913

    Lonely Afghan Kush

  12. 20190312_112151.jpg


    Purple Kush
  13. 20190312_112056.jpg


    Purple Kush
  14. Top grade medical marijuana

    Top grade medical marijuana

    Get top grade medical marijuana for smokers and patients at good and affordable prices. Top shelf and wax available text or call (408) 641-7968 for menu and price list.
  15. S

    First grow: Into flower! Check it out!

    Just wanted to post some pics of my first grow! Day 17 since switching to 12/12 Just wanted to see what your thoughts are? Do they look about where they should be for the start of week 3? It’s a jungle in there, I’ve done quite a bit of defoliation. They were in veg for almost 3 months so they...
  16. P

    Blueberry & Kush Skunk DWC Mother Grow!

    Hello everyone! New to the forum and this is my first grow journal I've posted online! Also I'm from Canada and BC if that holds any value here! Anyways I started these girls 3 weeks ago and I've been learning as I go but doing numerous amounts of research since this is my first DWC grow. I've...
  17. 1DA5BA6A-6182-4C6D-B8AC-56A3DE557916.jpeg


    One of the bigger colas kush lovers . My wife even helped me today cause I was frustrated and annoyed mood . So thank you wife of you ever read this .lol
  18. F3835B89-C35A-4648-B5A8-0CE5EE2274B9.jpeg


    Clone one of the two but second is barricaded in by blue dream and TTB lol
  19. 76DF8ABB-CA8F-4B92-B0F5-A5BBEE05B649.jpeg


    Afghani kush x black domina
  20. niighaag

    DWC & LED: Autoflower Critical 2.0

    Grow Journal - By Niighaag To start of with this will be my first hydroponic grow I have been looking forward for this for a very long time. Ladies & Gentlemens.. Sit back and enjoy the journal, I hope you like it as much as I did making it. Heres what i'll be using for the grow 5...
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