1. Nani - Banana Kush

    Nani - Banana Kush

  2. Nani - Banana Kush

    Nani - Banana Kush

  3. Nani - Banana Kush

    Nani - Banana Kush

  4. Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    Week 8 flower. She smells like vacation!
  5. Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    Nani (Banana Kush - 420)

    After 10 attempt to germinate these 420 seeds, I finally got the tenth seed to germinate after 15 months of trying. Look at her go!
  6. 20220912_093926.jpg


    Kush, about 2 weeks from being ready. colas still have some tightening to do yet.
  7. JulytoAug.jpg


    pix at different times, bubba kush July and August . this plant spent the first 2 months, May and June with only 6 hrs direct sun then moved out into all day direct sun
  8. 20220821_202258.jpg


    Aug 21 , 2022 2 bubba kush and 2 unknow. Kush are far left and far right.
  9. Bnizl3

    Bnizl3’s Indoor RDWC- Clay Pebbles: 2022 Kush Fruity Mix Pack Grow Journal

    Kush-Fruity Mix Pack Planted 3/5/2022 Banana Kush-Ending seedling 3/5/22 60% Indica 40% Sativa Mango Kush-Ending Seedling 3/5/22 65% Indica 35% Sativa Blackberry Kush-7 day old seedling 3/12/22 80% Indica 20% Sativa Indoor 3 pot system with res, Rwdc system 4x2x6. Clay...
  10. Roy Growin

    Dutch Kush, LSD, Strawberry Gum Grow Diary

    Dutch Kush & Acid - can't remember what the freebies were Bio with babies, class A's for buds is working for me Two are leggy and will require surgery, wish I knew what the bushy one was Any guesses invited
  11. Pure blunt

    Pure blunt

    Pressed blunt rolling paper free
  12. Og kush

    Og kush

    My first Dinafem grow recently harvested so beautiful !
  13. Skunksta

    Wedding Gelato, Green Gelato & More

    SETUP Mars hydro SP3500 6 Inch filter external 6 Inch out take fan 5 Inch in take fan 2 clip on fans 6f by 3f grow space flower Tent small one for seedlings etc LED Plant Grow Light, Asundom Full Spectrum 100W (seedling / clones) nutrient shogun A/B COCO...
  14. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    1 she is starting bulk up. She smell is like a rainforest, kushy, earthy, finishing with some floral notes. So unique
  15. Rbow Jones colors

    Rbow Jones colors

    Starting to throw in some nice colors :)
  16. strawberry-og-female-cannabisseeds-cali-connection-dope.jpg


    Strawberry by Cali Connection
  17. B1CB913A-764B-482A-8124-4FC25C803ADD.jpeg


    Hindu Kush flip +26 days
  18. Brickie74

    Bubbas exploded

    Seems like they almost doubled in size over night.
  19. Barney's Black November

    Barney's Black November

  20. CPK


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