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leaf disorder

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    Help! A sick plant

    This is my only plant this year and the leaves around 2 of the buds are dying. It appears to be spreading rather fast. Have been careful about over watering and am feeding it organic Bio Bizz nutes once per week in the suggested amounts. Any ideas on what this could be and what I could do about...
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    Leaf problem - Yellow and brown spots - Need help

    I noticed that my leaves are turning yellow with brown spots. It already affected the top leaves and the bottom ones. I checked the stems and they are still green and flexible meaning they are not snapping off easily. The plant is already 3 months old with some pistils showing. I am a first...
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    New born leaf edges are yellowish color!

    hi i am a new indoor grower. but i have many outdoor experience in years. so i am not an expert but i can say i know the language of cannabis;) i always use mediterranean soil and organic fertz. like cow pooh, warm castings and molasses. and tap water which ph is 7.2 but i used it many times...