1. L


    Hey guys I just want to say that 85% of peeps think they know how to grow and personally elevate themselves as master growers, just know they are not, and they are not.
  2. J


    Glad to be here. I know I will learn allot from all of you.....
  3. N


    Greetings, Im the new guy. New grower. but dedicated. 45 yrs of age. Green thumb in all other plants, always had a garden. so not totally inept but still alot to learn. Joined to be able to learn and get advice from master growers here.
  4. S


    I'm Dee I'm a new grower on my second grow hope to learn a lot on here:thanks
  5. eyelikeplants

    Eyelikeplants in the house lol

    hello just thought i would intruduce my self. I am a person who is inspired and driven by cannabis i love and respect this plant to the fullest i have been growing for like 5 years on and off life sometimes can get crazy i would say that most of my grows where successful mistakes have been hard...
  6. Y

    Hello - New one from NC

    Very amateur newby. Eagerly looking to learn
  7. B

    High To All

    I, a disabled coal miner.Im new to to forum but new to weed.I hopr to learn as much as posable to help legalize in Kentucky.
  8. G

    Total newbie

    :Namaste: hey there, I'm Pete Wanna try and grow some myself from scratch and eager to learn! Thanks for having me *read read read*
  9. K.puff&stuff

    Greetings from Canada

    Hello all Im here to learn how to grow and learn about different types of plants i'm sure i will learn lots here there so much info on this site its great :thanks:
  10. N


    Hello everyone my name is jack I'm from NYC looming for advice and to learn what I can to be able to begin a long journey in this industry
  11. S

    new member

    Hi all first time post so apologies for any errors. Been a recreational smoker for nearly 40 years lol. Been growing for 15 or so. Still lots to learn so I'm here. On my first grow with auto anaesthesia under led so fingers crossed. All looking good so far nearly three weeks and just showing...
  12. idlewild

    Hello from Massachusetts

    I am a new grower from Mass. My first grow was a bit stunted by light issues/inexperience from the get go but it was pretty potent none the less. I hope to learn more from the forums as I am fine tuning things for the second grow.
  13. W

    New to growing

    68 days into a CKS trainwreck auto grow. Hope to learn a few things from this group.
  14. Lady Antheia

    New to the neighborhood

    I lurked for a while and have been learning so much from this forum. So, it was finally time to make it official and join. This is a wonderful community full of knowledgeable people that are willing to share so that others may learn. Truly amazing! I look forward to moving in and getting to...
  15. R


    Hello....I'm Rob and I am looking to learn and make acquaintances that are of like mind I truly am trying to find information so that I can be successful the first time. I can't really afford to fail as I am using medicinally and the $ is too steep for me. Is this an appropriate place to learn?
  16. B

    Abandoned My Project: On-Going

    OK I have plans to grow both Sativa and Indica but have no gardening experience never even watered an ordinary pot Therefore I decided to first learn something about gardening and then move to actual stuff (which is going to be very costly for me) and why not start with close relative of...
  17. P


    Hey Guys, I'm pooloss, a newbie grower. Here to learn.
  18. B

    Hey all

    Hey everybody. I'm new to growing(i have plants in their 7th week from seed)I am hoping to learn everything I can. :thumb:
  19. H

    Hey everyone

    Just wanted to say hay I'm new here hope to learn a lot and make a few friends:420:
  20. P

    Hello new friends!

    I admit to being an old hippy. That being said, I am most comfortable around other old hippies. But I enjoy the company of all good souls. Started growing a year and a half ago. Found Crop King on the Internet witch brought me to 420. I still have a lot to learn. The great posts in the forum...
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