leaves problem

  1. Km021

    New growth leaves are looking waxy shiny

    IdK why new growth is looking shiny waxy n leaves are looking deformed, its only with top of the plant . Could you please have a look to the photo n tell me what is going on with this plant? Thanks queen @Emilya
  2. Sarra

    Leaves problem: experienced growers, I'm at your mercy

    :cheesygrinsmiley::battingeyelashes: Hi there, it's my first grow, keep telling myself not to be nervous it's easy and I'm becoming a ball of stress from the first problem comes my way... I'm using ocean forest soil I've 4 babies :) 35 days old, one of the 4 plants leaves are becoming wired...
  3. juggaGROWrX86

    Sudden Overnight Clawing & Unknown Leaf Decay & Damage

    Hey all, wanted to ask some veteran cultivators what could be happening here. I watered/fed a 6/9ml per gal. Micro/Bloom in RO with 3.5ml/gal of CalMag added first and 6ml/gal of Terpinator last after I add the Lucas Formula. Last night before bed at about 10:30pm EST I gave this Lemon...
  4. C

    Soil indoors problem - Help request

    Hi guys, This is my first post but have been lurking and reading the forums for a long time now. Recently i came across a problem that so far have been unable to identify. All started well, 4 seeds germinated and plants grew with no problem, looked bushy and short internodal space. Wanted...
  5. J


    Hello all, first time grower so pardon me in advance if i seem ignorant :) After germinating in a glass of water and planting in it's growing medium after about 48h (the seed had cracked a little and the taproot was peeking out) it has been growing very slow for the past 10 days. It took a...
  6. H

    Leaves dying and falling - Cannot find solution - pH 6.4 - Indoor - Please help!

    Hello all, would anyone know what the cause of this is? Grow in soil - bat guano - california vermicompost Mixture Leaves turning brown and falling. (Please see 3 pics up, and 1 below. All from same plant)
  7. cufix

    My leaves are becoming really strange

    - The strain is called Caboose from ------------- - It is Indica dominant hybrid 70/30 - 7 plants - In flowering stage, day 15 - Indoor, 11l pots with Coco - Perlitte 65/35 - 2 LED lights, one is 400w and other 120w - Is it Air Cooled? No. - Temperature is around 28-29 at day and around 25 at...
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