1. B

    2nd 1st Grow

    Hello, long time since my last grow, 1st grow was in a closet using 2 litter bottles with eb and flow, under 3 shop lights. Grew 8 plants 2 were found to be male, 3 died, and the last 3 produced 1/2 once total lol, had like 5 inch internode distance, weed was good was bubblelicious. This 1st...
  2. Lindseywink

    Hello, and a couple questions!

    Hey guys, I'm about to stay my first DWC closet grow. I have a couple questions that I haven't been able to find the answer to that I'm hoping someone here can help me with! 1: I'm planning on getting a couple clones with roots from a Dispensary to start with. I have a 600w led light. How far...
  3. M

    What size tent for Mars Hydro 300 watts?

    hey so im a week into flowering... 3 pineapple kush and 1 blue mystic. i had a 250 hps which i love but the heat is a problem so i ordered a mars hydro 300 and recieved it today.... my question is that do you guys think it will be enough for my grow space.. i have 80cmx80xmx160cm i also...
  4. K

    Confused! Full spectrum vs RGB colorful

    Adjustable full spectrum LED R.G.B. colorful LED HI , everyone! Now, I'm considering want to buy new grow light ! I read a lot of information still do not understand In fact , the two things are the same? When i found this information at the time of the investigation there are red...
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