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  1. Vick074

    Vick074 - 420 Magazine 10 Year Hiatus?

    Hello everyone! :ciao: Well it's been a minute. I think my last journal here was almost 10 years ago? Some of you 420 OG's might remember me, some of you are like who the hell is this dude :biglaugh: Life got a bit busy to say the least, got married, switched careers, moved house a few times...
  2. MackMcMacMac

    Mack's Perpetual Grow Journal

    I started a medical grow last week. Rather than create a new grow journal for each plant, I'm going to make this one a perpetual. :) Hello & welcome to all who happen to amble by. Feel free to offer suggestions & comments. I'm a newbie grower, learning as I go and could use all the help I can...
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