1. D

    First time BHO questions

    So my first time making bho I read alot and decided on making my own extractor I used 2"*4' stainless steel open blaster made myself I packed with fresh bud no trim then covered both end and put in the freezer with the butane overnight next morning I took it out and put it in a dry ice/91%...
  2. kushiwi

    Hi From Houston

    As you can see from my previous grow journals, I used to live and grow in NZ (some beauties from CKS). Recently come out to live in Houston for work and am totally clueless on the scene here. Hoping to find some friends to tide me over this dry times. Jah!
  3. F

    New Member

    Hello, I am a cancer patient and have had five operations to remove the tumors of my rare disease. I live Masschusetts which recently legalized cannibis. I hope to learn how to produce weed to ease the pain. Thanks
  4. O

    San Diego Skunk Wars

    My plants have lots of room to move both in the ground and in 10 gal containers that are packed with organic soil and nutrients that are quite odiferous. The aroma and loose soil contrasted with the characteristic hard soil that abounds here must be irresistibly attractive to a skunk likely...
  5. P

    Is Oil From Live Buds Dangerous?

    I received oil from a reputable company providing medicinal cannabis oil that was made from live buds, which were then frozen, and washed with butane in a machine specifically made for this purpose, to extract the oil. How do live frozen buds differ from dried bud, chemically? Is it safe to...
  6. G


    I deal with chronic pain from a rather horrid back injury many years ago. I don't live in a "friendly" state but I'm beginning to explore and I've learned modern cannabis is a whole new world. My experience is limited to some decent sized hydro/HID/HPS/LPS indoor grows in the 80's. Recently I...
  7. aminarc420

    Completed 1st Grow Ever & My Black Thumb

    So, I've never been great at gardening- In fact, the only plant I've ever tried to care for were cactus and yes, I managed to kill all 5 of them. But nonetheless I wanted to take a crack at growing my own medicine. So I planted 4 of these little guys around the 10th. (This is about 2 weeks...
  8. Katelyn Baker

    MA: Sasquatch Covered In Marijuana Leaves Spotted During Live Report About Snow Storm

    Springfield, MA- When you work in the news biz, you never know what's going to happen, especially on live TV. A reporter in Massachusetts has quite the story to tell after Sasquatch was spotted while she was doing a live report about the snow storm Thursday. In the corner of the screen...
  9. 4

    Good 420 movie to watch

    Green is Gold Synopsis: After a teenage boy's father goes to prison, he is forced to live with his older brother who has a compromising trade. Enjoy :volcano-smiley:
  10. C

    Yellowing droopy leaves burnt tips 5 of the plants lost all of their leaves

    HYDRO GROW Strain - Sativa - Amnesia Lemon - 5 - 2/5 live - Indica - ayahuasca Purple - 15 - 12 sprouted - 11/12 barely live - Indica 80/20 - Pineapple Chunk - 5 - 2 sprouted - 1/2 live - white widow -5- 3 sprouted - 3/3 faiding fast - Indica 55/45 -Jack...
  11. O


    Had a problem with caterpillars on my outside plants . My girls ARE in a plastic greenhouse . I shared benificial bugs with a buddy . You all know the drill . The basterds hatch on your buds and poop and cause mold ! I live in Ventura county Ca. Up the road from me is a company called "Organic...
  12. Z

    Mold Resistant Strains

    Hey all, I live in central/northern California in the Monterey bay area. We have moderate temps (50/75 degrees). I have grown outdoors for the past 2 seasons with fairly good results. One thing I have always struggled with is bud rot. I believe its because I live so close to the ocean, and every...
  13. J

    Gorilla Grow 2017

    I live in the midwest. I'm planning ahead for my first gorilla grow next spring. Were I live, there is a lot of ditch weed. How will that affect my grow? If I start my plants inside early enough, will they bud before the ditch weed?
  14. Katelyn Baker

    UK: Hundreds Gather For The Third Annual Canna Camp Fest

    Hundreds of people from all over the UK have descended on Redcar for the third annual Canna Camp Fest. The three-day festival - Friday to Sunday - held at Redcar Rugby Club is dedicated to celebrating all things cannabis and promote the argument to legalise the drug. By 4pm on Saturday...
  15. D

    Good News! Cannabis use can lead to increased life expectancy

    " but scientific study on marijuana's long-term neurological impact suggests that pot smokers live up to 2.5 years longer. The average lifespan of a person from the United States " Cannabis use can lead to increased life expectancy | Global Broadcasting Corporation
  16. Teddy Edwards

    Abandoned Mr Teddy's Summer - 2016

    I live in a land of myth. Neither fact nor fiction, transcending both. I live in a land of ancient gods and legendary beasts. I live in a land laid waste by the EU. A land under a draconian Troika-imposed austerity. Where goods are short and services shorter. Where European enforced taxes kill...
  17. Far East Buds

    Live Res PH Control - How do you manage it?

    So I will give you a run down of where I am at. I was running topfeed with timed drip cycles... I had issues and got pythium. Not really sure still how i did but anyway... Replaced almost everything twice and finally switched to a live res and coco medium. Immediately saw good results...
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