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So, I've never been great at gardening-
In fact, the only plant I've ever tried to care for were cactus and yes, I managed to kill all 5 of them.
But nonetheless I wanted to take a crack at growing my own medicine.

So I planted 4 of these little guys around the 10th.
(This is about 2 weeks later after they sprouted)

As you can see in the picture above, the top left plant started to show a bit of white around the edge of the leaf. I haven't been able to purchase a proper nutrient kit so I'm kind of winging it until I can.
At first I thought it was a nitrogen deficiency so I got them some blood meal and they seemed to perk up a bit. That lasted about a day until I noticed more plants were starting to show a little white around the edges.
I did a little more reading and thought maybe it was a potassium deficiency so I threw some orange and banana peels in with them which also seemed to perk them up.

This is them today (3-4 days after I threw in the peels)

As you can see the white is now on all the old foliage.

And here's all 4 of my babies

The only thing I can think of now is maybe I put in too much blood meal and it's nutrient burn?
I'm also not sure if it's light burn but I've managed to MacGyver a regular light bulb inside the tent until my LED comes in. I've got it about 7 inches above the babies for now.

Like I said- I'm brand new at growing and I've got a history of killing any plant I touch so I'm open to help and advice.

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Re: 1st Grow ever and my black thumb

First off, you're in the wrong forum. Contact a moderator and they'll get you shifted.

I won't be much use identifying deficiencies or nutrient problems, but I can see you have light issues. Can you get some CFLs? You can get them right up on top of the seedlings and keep them tightly-noded.

The members who will be looking to help with plants aren't prowling these halls as frequently. Good luck.

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Re: 1st Grow ever and my black thumb

Super rare to have nutrient issues with such small plants in soil. They look fine, get a proper light (don't put the LED too close). Don't over water, don't over fertilizer.

Good luck


Thank you, guys! I believe it was moved to the correct forum now and I'll be making the suggested changes. My light and nutrients should be here in a week or less, I'll be sure to keep updating!

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A little less than a week and (almost) all my supplies have arrived!
After doing a little research I decided to order my babies some FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil.
I repotted them yesterday, along with hanging the 300W LED that finally came in the mail! I've got that bad boy about 16 inches away from the babes and this is them today-

They seem to be doing MUCH better. The white edges for the most part, have gone away. There does seem to be some nute burn on some of the leaves from adding too much blood meal BUT they've definitely perked up since repotting.
My concern right now is this-

Some of the leaves seem to be growing a little wonky. Im not sure if it's just genetics, something they're lacking or if I'm worrying for nothing.
You can see on the one branch (top left), the center leave doesn't seem to wanna grow or the other 2 are just surpassing it, I don't know.
My last concern-

Their height. It looks like they're really reaching for the light but I'm afraid to put the light any closer and burn them. I know you want your plant to be short and fat and you want your nodes close to one another. Is there anything I can do to help that happen or again, is it a case of genetics?
Thanks again for any help or advice!!!

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Oh god-
What the hell is going on with these things???
I repotted these a few days ago in the FFOF.
Watered last night with 0 nutes, pH 6.2
I wake up the next morning and my runt looks like this-

And white spots on the biggest one-

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The babes today:

I've had a few issues with them.
My own fault for not keeping a better eye on them.
Still waiting to determine sex.
Watering today with some nutes and praying they take to them. I've only added half of recommended amount to my water (I read somewhere it was a good idea to start out that way?)



Got my first female [emoji173]

The camera didn't pick up allll of the little white hairs but I got at least 2 in the pic.
I topped her a week or so ago because she's so tall and skinny, I wanted to get the most out of her and wanted to get some experience with topping.
Turns out topping forces the gender to show? I don't know if that's true but it's the only one to show so far and the white hairs are only around the topped area.
(Top view of topped area)

Running with that theory, I topped another hoping for the same results-

This is my big and bushy, still thriving ahead of all the others as far as growth goes-

I also found another 2 seeds in a bag of loud so I went ahead and planted those babies. This is them today-


The second one took a really long time to germinate which is why the other one is so much bigger. I'm not sure if that means something is wrong with it but it seems to be growing just fine now.
Started them out right unlike the first 4.
Got them in FFOF soil right away, correct temp & humidity and 6.4 ph.
I also repotted the first 4 today. I waited way too long to repot. I had a really hard time getting them out. The first 2 I took out of their pots, I ripped a lot of their roots getting them out. It horrified me to hear them rip so I grabbed a hammer and cracked the other 2 pots open. Their roots are beautiful. About a quarter of an inch on each pot was nothing but roots. They were all sticking to the sides of the pot and growing a bit out of the bottom. Hopefully I didn't just kill the other 2.
Will keep updating!


Definitely didn't kill them! All the babes are thriving in their new pots [emoji4]
I've topped 3 of them and chopped the last babes fan leaves hoping to get more light to the preflowers (she's my new tall and skinny).

I'm seeing tiny white specs on two of them where the gender should be. I'm hoping some tiny white hairs pop out soon. My first babe to show is popping tiny white hairs like crazy now-

I'm adding nutes every other watering (worried about over doing it) and I'd like to switch to flowing within the month, just waiting to confirm genders before I switch to 12-12. I think the one is really ready to flower. She's growing so much taller than the others, I even topped her to slow her down but that did nothing lol


That's all for now! Hoping for more people to join in on my first journey to growing!
Will continue to update once I switch to 12-12


I wasn't going to update until I flipped to flowering but I've hit a bump in the road-


All 4 of my plants have this. She was hit the worst though. I'm assuming nitrogen deficiency so I added an extra teaspoon of FoxFarm Grow Big (totaling 4 tsp) and 1 extra tsp of BigBloom to the 1 gallon of water and fed them right away. I checked on them a few hours later and so far looking the same.
I'm going to switch to flowering in 2 weeks, giving them a total of 12 weeks in veg. 2 of them are more than ready to start but I'm missing pieces to my second Grow tent so I'm waiting, plus the other 2 are very small and I'd like to give them time to catch up.
Oh! I'm also 99% sure I got lucky and got 4 ladies! I also wanted to wait until I was 100% before switching. That's all for now! Until next time~


a lot of us are guilty of too much love, know I get a little OCD about mine. relax, go for smooth transitions, talk to them

little bastards.

Oh yeah! They get lots of love. I'm checking on them 5x a day or more. Being so new at growing, I'm trying to baby them since I have a history of killing plants [emoji30] I'm so excited to see their roots when I transplant- a little less than 2 weeks now


1st Grow Ever & My Black Thumb

As I said- I'd like to switch my babies to flowering in the next 2 weeks. However I was hoping to identify sex before I put them in the flowering tent. I've been watching for a few weeks now to see if I can see anything and here's what I got so far-
Plant 1:


Those are pistils, right? She started showing WEEKS before the others and about a week ago they started to turn amber/orange. I thought that didn't happen until harvest time was coming around but maybe I'm wrong? As for the other 3, they're all showing the same things-
Plant 2 and 3:


(Sorry for all the LED photos. I'm try not to take them out of the tent unless necessary) but as you can see, I've just got little white specs on the others. I don't see pods at all, just white specs. Up close they look like they're forming hairs but it's too small to really tell and that could just be my hopeful brain seeing what it wants. Thanks again, guys!


My current setup:
48"x24"x60" Grow tent
300W LED (unsure of brand)
6" inline duct fan (pushing air out)
4" duct (for fresh air)
Cheap humidifier I found laying around the house, same with the heater
Humidity/Temp monitor
"10 oscillating fan
I'm using FFOF soil
FoxFarm nutrient trio
4, 2.6 gallon black plastic pots from Home Depot



So the yellowing hasn't stopped. It did for a day or two and here we are again. I try to inspect the leaves very gently but they fall off as soon as I touch them. Everything I'm reading is telling me Nitrogen Deficiency so I've been upping the nutrients when I water. The soil was still moist but I watered anyway trying to help them right away. There is 0 yellowing anywhere else on the plants, just the bottom and on pre-flowers. What am I doing wrong with my babies? Maybe I'm completely wrong and it's not a nitrogen issue at all but that's all I seem to come up with.


I switched my babies over to flowering earlier than I expected but I'm happy with it and they seem to be even happier!

I'm so excited that I've managed to make it this far without killing them and I'll be even more excited when I see buds starting to form!
I'm still having problems with leaves turning yellow.
I've been upping the nitrogen every time I water but it doesn't seem to be helping. Yellow leaves are slowly crawling up my plant. At this point, I honestly have no idea what else it could be other than nitrogen deficiency. I'm thinking about investing in some extra equipment to help me make sure my plants are getting the right amount of nutrients and maybe another digital pH meter (I've been using color strips)

I'm going to keep an eye on them of course and I'll be following this feeding schedule-

Again- any help is MUCH appreciated! If I'm doing anything wrong PLEASE let me know. Thanks!


So.. it's a very sad day here.. Checking my plants this morning, I've learned I have some males.
They're 11 days into flowering and they're showing-


I'm 100% about two of them being males, another I'm 80% on it being male (giving it another day or 2 before I decide) and the last one is definitely female. She's showing me some pretty white hairs already.

I was able to solve my yellow leaf issue. Turns out it was just nitro deficiency. Gave them 2 extra TSP of Grow Big from FF every watering and it seemed to help. Still following my feeding schedule from FF.

I also started another 4 babies in a separate tent. I'd like to start their own Grow journal but it keeps telling me I do not have access to post there?

Well I'm off to cry while I go kill these males-


Went back this morning to find fully developed balls on the last one. Very disappointed that I only got 1/4 but I remain hopeful that she'll be my star. She's now got the whole tent to herself so shine, baby! Shine!
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