1. athome247

    Seedling leaves yellowing on edges

    See pics-getting all kinds of interweb info, thought maybe one of our wonderful growers could resolve for me. Much thanks in advance..
  2. Jonnypx5

    Wierd plant growth: Need fast help please

    Hellou guys, please sorry for my english. I need help. I grow some plants in greenhouse. They are all early version Delicious seeds. I use Biobizz soil+fertlz. I use also Vitalink Heat and CannaCure 1x per week (Vitalink half dosage). My ph is controlled at Ph 6,4 ... New grow on my plants...
  3. L


    What should i do friends? i think its over stressed. but i'm close to 9 week. there is still white pistils everywhere and with nanners.
  4. C

    Poorly Plants - yellowing curly top leaves, lower leaves dropping off

    I've encountered a problem with my girls just coming into week 4 of flowering. Growing 5 autoflower Girl Scout Cookies in a BudBox Pro tent with 600W LED light and growing in coco coir with 30% perlite mix. One of the plants started showing yellowing and curling tips on the top fan leaves and...
  5. B

    Hydro Grow Problems

    Strain - Girl Scout Cookies # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Early Veg Setup - DWC Light - 800 Watt LED Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - Rapid Rooter and Clay Pebbles PH - 5.7 RH - 47% Room Temperature -77 Solution Temperature - 65 to 69 Room Square Footage - 4x4 Pests -...
  6. K

    New grower having worries need help please

    So I’ve been trying to grow plants out doors I live on the east coast one of my plants look different then the others and starting to yellow I changed the soil last night cause I didn’t start out with the right soil I am now using happy farm I’m unsure of the strain moved and ended up mixing all...
  7. G

    What is this drops and brown spots? Help my friends

    Hello farmers, Does anyone know about these? I've never met before. I use organic fertilizers, make compost tea, bat compost, worm castings, diluted pigeon dung sherbet. they weren't so obvious yesterday. I only gave pure water. I used fertilizers in the same way before, but nothing like...
  8. L

    What the hell could this be

    Hi all back again. Does anybody know what this is. I’ve been growing same strain for a couple years now had other problems but never this one. Last few grows been perfect. 2 of my girls are like this and the other 2 are perfect all in same room with same treatment. Very strange. Can’t find...
  9. J

    10 days, no difference

    she has been in the exact same state for like 10 days or more now. What could be wrong? (outdoor, soil, biocanna nutrients, no signs of pests, no yellow leafs)
  10. WW Leaves

    WW Leaves

  11. WW Leaves

    WW Leaves

  12. AH Leaves

    AH Leaves

  13. AH Leaves

    AH Leaves

  14. DarionOzb

    How do I save these plants?

    Hey guys, hope I can get some help with this. About 2 weeks ago i started noticing some slow growth on these ladies after a very healthy and rapid 4 months of veg. This is my first time vegging past the 8/10 week mark, and I was trying to grow them out as long as I could. The slow growth...
  15. G

    Second Attempt Autos!

    Hi everyone 9 days into my second grow. Ive learnt alot from my first attempt and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on my previous thread. Using LEDs, a fan and putting plants outside on sunny days. Getting at least 20 hours of light out of 24. Careful watering around plant only when...
  16. P

    Help me identify yellowing edge of the leaves

    Hello, Ijust discovered it and I need your guys opinion on this... This is the only leaf that has these edges, there are some yellowing on the bottom leaves too but they are touching the soil so that's why I think its happening. But I'm not sure about this one it's close to the door of the tent...
  17. Funkygrower


    why are the veins in my plants turning yellow/white??. I just gave them a small does of Advanced Nutrents grow,micro,bloom. Should I add in a small shot of some cal mag?. Using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. Thanks
  18. P

    Please help identifying white stuff on my leaves

    Hello everyone, I just discovered white kinda dust stuff on my leaves. They don’t drop that easy and I dont feel like it’s powdery. I attached pictures for you guys to see. Sorry English is not my first language so I cant really describe it and I’m freaking out.Especially that leaf in the video...
  19. Drakka

    Help: Darkening new growth and yellow tips

    Hi everyone! This is my second thread about some issues that i’m experiencing within my first grow. I got a 60x50x140cm DIY box, I had to place it in a room where temp and Rh varies depending on the daily weather, as I got no other rooms to place it. Light: Spiderfarmer SF 1000 (24 inch away...
  20. B

    Seedling issue

    I have droppy leaves on my auto flower seedling. I have attach a photo. Haven't watered much due to soil still being moist. I had my led light too low and just moved it to 3 feet away, could that have been the issue and how can I help it recover? thanks
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