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  1. L

    Help problem with leaves on seedling

    Hi all, I have a problem with my seedling, leaves are green and pinged up but look rough on the edges and has red/purple in them middle. Light is 300w LED, is my light too close?
  2. F

    Problem - Amber Pistils Day 19

    Strain - unknown # of plants - 1 Grow Type - soil Grow Stage - flowering Number of days in flowering - 21 days Bucket size - Lights - 2 LED plant light (specs unknown) Nutrients - Fridge size - approx 4 cubic feet Water frequency - about 600 ml every other day Pests - none Pollen - none...
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    Seriously unwell seedlings. Early pearl grow #1
  4. F

    Very small seedlings died

    Hello, I started this grow a little over 3 weeks ago. I used the paper towel method to germinate six seeds. They all tap rooted apart from one and then got potted into very small grey paper/cardboard pots not sure how big but definatley less then one litre. I used tropic mix, which is 70% coco...
  5. S

    What's Wrong With This Plant?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some ideas from the great experience we have here, as to what I'm doing wrong to my poor plant. My first grow and it's an Auto AK-47, stunted by early over watering but recovered pretty well over the last few weeks. At least until the last few days. The larger...
  6. G

    New grower needs some help for plant leaves yellow

    hi there everyone. i am a new home grower just started to gower lately. i am using groready coco for my medium. temperature is keeping at 75 to 80 C. they are being grow for about 16days already. somehow the plants seems to be not that healthy. the leaves look so yellow. i did kept my ph level...
  7. N

    What's the problem with this plant? Can't figure it out

    So I've had this problem on last grow and it's seems to be back. Tingrine-o-matic, week 5, fox farms soil, Humboldt country nutes and recharge but very limited. Was using well water but have switched to distilled and came up in ph from 6-6.5 to 7. Neem at 3 weeks one time. Humidity 40-50%, temp...
  8. A

    Hello - New grower - I may have a problem with my plant?

    Hello all, So I have a growroom that sits between 55 and 65 degrees on average depending how cold it is lately. I am just starting the flowering cycle, almost 1 week in. I noticed a few days ago what I believe was a single red mite, crawling down the main stem, and I squished it. Later, I...
  9. A

    Nearby getting grow tent ideas!

    Hey guys. I grew 1 time in 4x4 tent in Colorado with how lighting. In pa now, getting ready to start growing again. Money isn't a problem. Thinking of going led? Any help on most efficient way to grow in a 4x4 would be greatly appreciated. Good seed companies?
  10. A

    DWC problem - Why do my plants look like this

    My plants are 15 days old. I'm using dwc and haven't started nutrients yet. I'm using jiffy pellet as my medium. pH around 6.0-6.5, 18 on and 6 off light schedule. What is going on with these girls????????
  11. N

    What is the problem?

    hello I am newbie here and I have a peyote cookies plant but i have a problem. on the 15th day of the plant and the plant has not grown enough and the leaves have fallen in your this case what do you think? thaks a lot :Namaste:
  12. S

    New problem?

    hello all, a while back I posted that I was having problems with my first grow. Im using a General Hydroponics Rainforest 66. My initial problem was a common one....too much nutrient in the solution for such small plants. I corrected that but the problem persisted. The big problem, one...
  13. N

    Mid flowering mess up

    Kia ora whanau, first grow, got further than what i thought i would, but have a little problem going on, don't quite know what thinking on the lines of cal mag deficiency?? Tap water ppm is 30ppm so don't think it contains much?? a Don't really want to play the guessing game at this point...
  14. L

    Sweet Mango under trouble

    Strain - sweet mango # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flower Bucket Size - 2 gallons Lights - (1) 400 Watt HPS Nutrients - orgatrex, bio tabs: 1ml/litre - backtrex, biotabs: 1g/litre Germination: 19 September Nutrient start: PPM - 900 PH - 6.5 RH - 40% to 60% Room...
  15. B

    Tips of the leaves are looking down

    Hello everyone, I'm the new member of this community. This is my first grow and I'm little bit over worried about many things but I'm not making any actions without proper search on the forums. I was not able to find an answer about my problem so I decided to create the new thread. (Hope it's...
  16. D

    Some of the leaves are wilting and dying

    what can the problem be?
  17. Ron Strider

    Hemp Dilemma Leaves Farmers In A Lurch

    Cory Sharp of Moses Lake, Wash., has a problem, and it's a big one. He has as much as 80,000 pounds of hemp seed from a 75-acre crop he planted in June. He'd like to crush them for their oil, but no facility exists in Washington for that purpose. He can't cart them across state lines, or into...
  18. D

    Urgent! What water pump size for Top Feed system?

    I have 40 gallon reservoirs underneath 3x6 trays with 250GPH active aqua water pumps using 1/2" tubing and 1/4" feeding tubes.. Each tray = 20-24 plants. Problem is, a few of the 1/4" feeding tubes aren't flowing any water so I'm wondering... should I just stick to working with valves for the...
  19. C

    First time for everything

    Hi! We tried to grow purple kush this summer. It was outside so it's not as "big" as what we see in pictures but it's not a problem. What is our problem and I am wondering what or if we did something wrong, is the fact that inside the buds, it's filled with seeds... not really enjoyable if...
  20. O

    Help fan leaves yellowing and falling

    My plant is having trouble with fan leaves since I switched to 12/12 What is my problem? new leaves coming in are green but are curling under and die off too. I had gnats but that problem is resolved. I'm growing in promix, coco and perlite added to soil. LED is 450w and Is 24 inches above top...