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Stream quality and usage

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Done some searching here on the subject, but nothing new or exactly like what I'm looking for. So, I have a question(s) if anyone has time.

I did a little experiment at lunch and I wanted to see what people think. I live near a stream that is run off from a spring filled pond. plenty of plant life in pond. I've been using the pond water for my outdoor garden for a couple of years now. And I think I want to use the stream water, or from the pond,, on my mmj garden. So, I have a couple of questions??

If I gather some water and store it in a container in my basement, do I need to aerate it?

How long does it keep, any idea? If it's bubbling I assume longer?

My tap water ppm us just over 100, 105 today when tested. So, my water is not bad, I'm not sure what chemicals are in it but I'm going to get it tested I think.

Anyway, the stream ppm tested at 64

Better then my tap,,, but, do you think it's worth the hassle?

Yes, it's free, but, I have to lump it. Not far, but, further then my tap ;)

But, I'd do it in a second if the organism in the water would like help the micro herd in my soil??

A few pictures cause pictures say millions of things:



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I found the easiest for me is I run and buy RO water just for the simplicity in the way it works out for me. fill my buckets add my nutes and I'm at 5.8 PH so it's worth the hassle for me. Now if I had a stream in my back yard that did that for me I would have a sump pump and some garden hose so I didn't have to lug it too far but oh ya I would try it too. Good luck hope it works out for you, I don't know about storing it sorry. But if you change water every week it's only a hassle once a week and if you could rig something up with a pump better yet.


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I've thought about the sump pump idea,, that might be the solution. Thanks!

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Er well stream water ah, if their are agriculture fields near by & the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc may effect PPM of the stream water via leaching after rain fall etc some this of stuff can travel kilometers or miles in the water table.

As you tested the water during winter months & with all that snow may have lowered PPM value !

I would also test again in spring/summer/autumn months to observe the any change in PPM over the season which i suspect may happen...


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Interesting you say about the ppm in winter months.. I have to check back, but even my house I think was a bit higher when I first checked in the fall,, I want to say 170 but I have to check... hmmmm.

Any idea what rainfall ppm is? I can Google...

Good info. The pond that water streams from is a public drinking supply type. Doesn't mean pollutants can't leach into though....

Thank you!!

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