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    Low smell drying/curing techniques

    After my first harvest, my wife nearly lost it when she came home and the house wreaked of freshly harvested bud. I moved it to dry in a dehumidified crawl space, which helped minimize the smell (originally drying in our laundry room), but it was still pretty stinky. Before I start my next...
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    Low Odor Stealth Strains: Please List

    Low Odor Stealth Strains Re Odor: An autoflower that has a mild odor is Syrup by Buddha Seeds. It does have a scent, but it is not as stinky as some. It smells a little like mint. Re Characteristics: Syrup is an easy plant that may reach 3 feet. It has a THC content that is suppose to be...
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    PC Grow set-up questions

    Well lets say i am wanting to do a PC grow so that my family will have no idea. My wife is totally against cannabis but my back and muscle pain is horrible and it seems to help alot. Any way I know quite a bit about growing as I have grow outside with a friend before. I Have some Blue Mystic...
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