PC Grow set-up questions


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Well lets say i am wanting to do a PC grow so that my family will have no idea. My wife is totally against cannabis but my back and muscle pain is horrible and it seems to help alot. Any way I know quite a bit about growing as I have grow outside with a friend before. I Have some Blue Mystic Autos that I was planing growing. I know the yeild will be horrible but I don't smoke often and wanna give it a try. I hear Blue Mystic is a fairly low odor strain but I know nothing is no odor. I was gonna hide the PC in my basement get some good air circulation and hope for the best. But that might not be enough could i get a cheap carbon filter to fit on the exhaust end of the PC? Any price idea? And drying the bud? I was gonna use a quick dry method but i know the quality and taste would go out the window ? Any ideas? the smell is a huge issue, my wife can't smell anything never mind my kids. Thanks for your help.
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