Low Odor Stealth Strains: Please List


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Low Odor Stealth Strains

Re Odor: An autoflower that has a mild odor is Syrup by Buddha Seeds. It does have a scent, but it is not as stinky as some. It smells a little like mint.

Re Characteristics: Syrup is an easy plant that may reach 3 feet. It has a THC content that is suppose to be greater than 15%. Suggest you spend the coin to get feminized seeds. Harvest this plant at peak THC and you will get a very active/energetic high.

I started this thread primarily to get people to list low odor indoor strains. So, if you have had success with an indoor plant that is less odoriferous than others, please list it here.

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Re: Low Odor Stealth Strains: Please List...

I've only grown two strains, but I chose recommended "low odor" strains for both. The first was Northern Lights, and the second was Cinderella 99 (C99).

Northern Lights: Mostly Indica. I've read a lot of places that it CAN be a low odor strain, depending on what phenotype you get. There are a lot of breeders that have played with it, and it's been around a lot, so it's hard to say if what you get will be low odor. The ones I got (3 feminized plants) were fairly stinky, but not even close to what they could be. Say 3/10

C99: Mostly Sativa. This is another low odor strain, and out of the 3 plants I grew out, they were all quite low in odor. They have a pineapple/fruity smell to them, which don't smell much like weed. I'd give it 1/10.

Keep in mind these are the only two strains I've grown, due to stealth reasons.
Re: Low Odor Stealth Strains: Please List...


Great info! Thanks for keeping this thread alive.

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