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Low Odor Strains Revisited


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I have been researching for quite some time now on strains that have little to no odor or strains that may be very strong, but do not resemble the usual smell associated with MJ, i.e. fruity, piney, etc. There is a lot to be found on the web and here, but wanted to ask again as new strains are popping up by the day. Will be starting a new grow soon and as a final research effort I would like to ask for your help in debunking my current findings or adding any strains that I have yet to find. If it makes it easier, throw a 0-10 ranking on it, 0 being no smell to 10 like a herd of skunks sprayed your tent, lol. And yes, I am a aware with the right equipment and circumstances you can grow almost any strain undetected, but not in my current situation.

I found conflicting reports on almost every strain except NL, so I tried to go with the majority rules concept.

3 or more comments on low/unique odor strains:
Papaya/Mango — Low or Tropical Fruit
Moby Dick — Tropical/Air Freshener
Northern Light/NL#5 — Low
NL#5xBig Bud - Low
Blue Mystic — Different
C99 — Low
K2 — Low
Ice — Low
Chronic — Low
Lowryder/Low2 - Low

3 or less or very mixed results:
Passion 1 —
Wonder Woman —
Chocollope — Low/Different
Blueberry — Fruity
Durban Poison — Different
Cotton Candy Kush — Low/Different
Black Domina —
Bubba Chunk —

Feel free to post on any and all strains whether it stinks or not, might help somebody else as well looking for a 10, thanks in advance!


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Jack Herer is a low odor strain. C99 being basically a Jack Herer.....the smells aren't exactly signature mj smells, but that catpiss is there. Even crossed with 100% indicas the smell is manageable without a carbon scrubber. They seem to have a 'off-gas' time when you can catch a whiff, early in the morning, but they are low odor considering the power of the strain overall. All the Jacks I have seen shared this characteristic, we have had multiple fathers (all indicas) when we were doing med grows and the JH/C99 high was always dominant too.

Jack Herer kicks ass


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These days its a mix with the diesels that has the best no-detection for smell. the lemon diesel auto I claimed to be bunk when it didn't smell at all for like 8 of the 9 weeks. but after it cured, I was happy.


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Didn't know there were those.
The 0 smell of jamaican pearl hermaphrodyte
Darn that. Harvested and called it pollen covered survival shit

Great news that JH is low oder as mine exposed themselves to me this morn. (Insert perv joke). They only took 3 gibberish days to rise. Cool! Me mucho happy

Thanks Budbro for your help re espoma and not getting wound so tight.
Budbro's got big heart and buddhalogic!

Long walks helped the waiting for seed to show.
Is there a good place to find grow advice for my particular seed?
I have other than. All delicious ctritical JH/caramelo,and critical super silver haze.
I don't have massive light. Just a 250hps with a special bulb with bl/gr light and a hid with both 400 and 1000 watts
Don't want to over fert my soil esp since I got low light. And need to find out if they like (especially the misty pearl ) she might not need it as I heard she finishes fast.
Wait a min I am sorry if this is uncool to bust into your thread.
Please forgive if it's not polite. Android phones are cool but not the best for heavy researching is it?
Any help where I might ask these things please.

I have not germinated the Vkush since I might get some misty pearl clone or two. This is no drill. I am launching rockets of desire!
MP smoke turns me on.
I am making a heat sink of a slab marble table with a water bed heater under to keep roots and herds nice and warm.
Bless this thread.


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Ps yes even asleep I'm a flitter.
I only have a few seeds so this wholebig dealeo of me getting anxious is me needing a little sompin to blow.!
It relaxes me obviously. Ok thanks for listening.
Check out Hay House radio where Dr Mona Lisa Schultz call in reads energy and is a hoot of a psychic/jewish~/psychiatrist MD
She really good too every week.
Ok so She calls my type "the wild child" of intuition.
Wonder what she'd say about para rock ?


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My Papaya from Nirvana smelled like some floral inscense and tastes like a skunk sprayed a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Smell once lit is straight skunky.

My NL from Female Seed's is still to this day the rankest smelling strain I have grown, Female seed's said it was a rare pheno, straight up sleeping meds. On more than one occasion a newbie smoker has lost their lunch after partaking, it is not heady at all but will make a room spin if you smoke too much, hence the newbies loosing their lunch.

My Blue Mystic was a decent 50/50 and typical weed smell, crossed a Blue Mystic with my Blue Widow, didn't see any difference in the cross.
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