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I'm back for a 2nd journal!

I had a bunch of fun with the first one, and learned a lot from you guys! Things turned out really well for my first SCROG, so that will continue. I also want to do a better job of perpetually growing, so I'm going to start some SOG plants too. After this first big SCROG, I'm also going to switch to mini-SCROGs.

The Setup:

Medium: Hempy (75% Perlite / 25% Vermiculite)
Strains: C99 (Female Seeds), Northern Lights (Vision Seeds) and my own bred NL99 (a cross of the previous 2)
Stage: Vegetative Growth, The large C99 is 7 weeks old (planted 7/4) and the seedlings are only a few days old (NL and NL99, planted 8/23)
Location: Indoor
Lights: Flowering - Two 100x3W Mars LED (185W real draw), Veg: Probably some 23W CFLs
Air: I'll have a small active intake, and air is pulled out through a DIY carbon filter with a 400CFM centrifugal fan
pH: I try to stay around 5.8
Nutrients: General Hydroponics 3-Part Flora Series
Temp: High 70s (F) to low 80s. It should cool down quickly though
Pests: None now, but I've battled gnats in the past
Containers: The seedlings are in 2L soda bottles painted black. Holes were burned in with a soldering iron 2" from the bottom. The larger Hempy is 3.5 gallon, which I cut down from a 5 gallon (didn't work that well).

I have been following the following feeding schedule with pretty good results (from the sticky in the FAQ forum). I also supplement with CalMag+ (usually 5 ml/gallon)

Week 1 (rooted clones or 3 leaf-sets on seedlings) : 2.5 ml EACH Grow, Micro & Bloom
Week 2: 5ml Grow + 2.5ml Micro + 2.5ml Bloom
Week 3: 10ml Grow + 5ml Micro + 3ml Bloom
Week 4 until 12/12 : 12ml Grow + 6ml Micro + 3ml Bloom
Week 1 of 12/12 : 6ml Grow + 6mil Micro+10ml Bloom
Week 2 of 12/12: 3ml Grow + 7ml Miccro + 12ml Bloom
Week 3: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 14ml Bloom
Week 4: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 16ml Bloom
Week 5: 2..5 Grow + 7ml Micro + 18ml Bloom
Week 6: NO GROW + 6ml Micro + 20ml Bloom USE UNTIL FLUSH!
Flush 10-14 days before harvesting

The Grow Space:

I am in the process of re-building my grow room right now to make it more user friendly and compact. I'm also redoing my lighting and ventilation to keep heat down. I will shrink the flowering room to 50" W x 26" D and the veg cab will be less than half that size.

My previous setup:



My setup now:



And this will soon be the veg area, with carbon filter at the top.


It will be all partitioned off before long. I will embed the LEDs in the flowering ceiling at a fixed height.

The Plants:

This all starts with the big C99 clone from my last grow. This thing was raised to the same size you see it with only a 23W CFL. I didn't care much about it, and look at her now! 2 nights ago I did a transplant, to a shorter container, so I had to clean off pretty much all the roots. She looks great for 2 days later considering!




Then there are the seedlings. I have 4x of the NL99, which I bred myself from the two previous feminized plants. I know, making a feminized seed from feminized mothers isn't the best, but it should be fine! The other 2X plants are NL and were also bred myself, using sister plants.

The only peculiar thing is one of the NL girls has been laying on her side for the last 2 days. I don't know what I did! It happened after I transplanted, but there weren't any roots yet.. No nutes either.



I'll be using lots of LST to keep the height of plants exactly where I want them. This should be fun, but easier to maneuver around all the plants, and because of the better ventilation, odor will go WAY down.


I don't mind at all if you follow along and give me some advice. I need it!

I'll be trying again to hit 0.75 g/W this grow. I got about 0.6 g/W with the same C99 mother, so we shall see!
I'm in, this should be another fun grow.
Thanks for joining, it's good to see you guys sticking around! I'll throw a little more humor into this grow and hopefully we'll all learn a few more things!


I watered the seedlings and fed 'Charlie' (the 'new' big Hempy needed a name) with 50% nutrients per the schedule. I'm guessing she still looks overwatered (like in the first pictures) since all her roots got rearranged and are now soaking in water. She'll bounce back! I did bury like 4 inches of stem too... I'm thinking I should have scraped the main stem and put some cloning powder on it to try to get more roots. There's still time.. What do you guys think?
The cutting will likely root ok. Do more harm than good at this point to mess with it I would think. If you do take another diagonal nip off the bottom and slice up the middle a half inch so it looks like a snake's tongue. I dip in gel then powder, tapping off the excess powder, after scraping, splitting and doing a final diagonal cut.

My cuttings are usually rooted in 2 weeks at around 68-70F in the bedroom closet.

Don't know squat about hempy buckets so I'm in. We ready to throw the screen or 'er yet?
The cutting will likely root ok. Do more harm than good at this point to mess with it I would think. If you do take another diagonal nip off the bottom and slice up the middle a half inch so it looks like a snake's tongue. I dip in gel then powder, tapping off the excess powder, after scraping, splitting and doing a final diagonal cut.

My cuttings are usually rooted in 2 weeks at around 68-70F in the bedroom closet.


I'm actually talking about the big plant in the 3.5 gallon bucket. My DIY bucket is actually kind of falling apart due to bad caulk, so she's going to get another transplant into a proper bucket soon... I'll probably scrape the buried stalk and put some cloning hormone on it to give it a try. I've seen buried stems grow SOME roots before, but I know with my clones, roots grow like crazy from the scraped areas.

As for the clone, I usually have roots popping out in 10ish days, so I should see some soon. Then to a little Hempy pot it is!

Subbed for sure on this one!

Good to see you hop on for another grow! I'm a few weeks behind your beans, so we can compare results since we have pretty similar setups!

Don't know squat about hempy buckets so I'm in. We ready to throw the screen or 'er yet?

Thanks for subbing tucker! I really like the Hempy medium. Simple, cheap, easy to control pH, and I'm re-using it from the last round already. I got 0.6g/W my last round with a 5 gallon Hempy bucket, and I think I can do better with a 3.5 gallon!

The screen will go on when she recovers from her 2nd transplant... I'm going to wait for some new growth to start (I saw a bit today) and then start bending those branches all over the place. She shouldn't have to veg long before I go to flower!
Not a stupid question!

ScrOG = "Screen of Green" - You use some type of mesh/screen to weave your branches into and give the canopy support. This is like my last grow. More info here:
What is SCROG - Screen of Green?

SOG = "Sea of Green" - This is where many small plants are grown, instead of large plants. This is usually done by flowering clones after little/no veg time. This results in many smaller plants, but it is easier to get consistent harvests as you could for instance have 4 sets of plants flowering 2 weeks apart and harvest every 2 weeks. More info here:
What is the Sea of Green Method?

They are both good ways to keep height of your plants controlled and low. My new growroom design (still working on it) won't have a lot of height in flowering, so I need to use these methods!
ok stupid question but what is the difference between scrog and sog?

All these acronyms and other terminology screw me up too Madsdad but I do know about those two.

SoG - Sea of Green. Many smaller plants are grown close together and flowered when still quite small getting their yield from lots of smaller colas rather than big phat ones grown on larger plants. Generally lower growth is cut off and side branches are cut short to get a smaller version of a donkey dick cola on each plant.

ScroG - Screen of Green. One plant or more is grown up into a screen and as the branches grow thru, the tops are forced over and secured loosely to the screen with twist ties or pipe cleaners. As the tip keeps growing it is constantly tied down so the branch is forced to grow horizontally along the screen. Nodes behind the growing tip begin to grow upwards and these can be tied down too headed into areas of the screen that are open yet. When a branch gets to the edge of the screen you just turn it and head it off in the direction that needs filling. You can let the growing branch go over another and tie to it as the tip goes over. You can keep doing this until the screen is about 80% full then flip to flower and keep tying down until the stretch is over. Done right the whole canopy will be a dense forest of colas all at almost the same height. The ultimate in canopy control and yields double or more than just using LST on the same plant or letting it grow free-standing. DWC works really good for this with it's rapid growth during veg which can really speed up the screen filling process. Great method when head room is restricted or there is a need to keep plant counts low.

Screens are often used to give lateral support to branches that grow up through the screen but that isn't a ScroG in the true sense of the meaning. Works great to keep branches from flopping over in late flower tho.

Hope that helps. :passitleft:

Terminology aside OMU, do you think that doing the scrog the latter way- the improper and untrue way- has many drawbacks? I can't do all that weaving during veg because of practicalities of my room. But it seems that I do end up with a very full screen of buds maximizing the lit canopy. Basically I have a plant which is topped and trained into a candelabra shape, with one budding branch of the candelabra shape poking up through each hole in the screen- along with a certain amount of tie-down with pipe cleaners and a bit of weaving.

Answering the question from my end- the main drawback I see is that without as much control, from all the weaving, the budding tips sometimes get taller than I want and start flopping over a bit. But that's totally avoidable if I take time to do it right. I haven't had much opportunity to do it the proper way.
Is it just terminology? Or is my scrog all bad and wrong? (Sob....)
First off don't weave thru the screen. Then the branches are trapped and as they still are pushing forward the nodes can get pushed up against the screen and break off. I had to get in and snip some crossbars out of my screen a couple days ago so I could get some branches up in the light. That was because I had already grown the plants then forced them thru the screen instead of growing them into the screen.

As the branches grow along I just use short pieces of twist ties to hold them down to the wires and wander them all over the place. With just a wire screen and no frame if one area is higher than another I can just warp the screen to raise or lower one section and even out the canopy. If it needs support I just hang some of that light chain I use from a hook in the ceiling with an S hook on the screen.

You could put some supports for a wire screen in your pots when you transplant to the largest one you want to use and hang the screen with baling wire like I do so it floats as the plant grows then tighten up the baling wire to hold the weight when the colas get heavy. I had some long pieces of aluminum flat bar with holes at each end that I cut in half to make the supports for the screen. Then drilled holes thru them at a height where I could put a nail thru and bend them to fit in holes I drilled at each corner of the tub. A little of Red Green's helper to hold the bottom of the bars and a ScroG was born. :)


Cool. I see-the times I did put a lot of training in on the screen, I wove the branches throughout.managed I break a few limbs so tying down above would definitely be better and way more versatile.
Your system is not hugely different than my system which uses arrow shafts for the supports and a screen frame that slides up and down on the shafts- so can be raised/lowered/tilted.
Now that I'm doing larger plants my veg room is a little in the small side. I don't have room to set up a screen in there and train a plant during veg- and still have room left over for the other plants. Oh well. Can't have everything. Thanks OMU! You never totally answered my question but it was kind of a dumb question anyway... :)
The reason I scrog is because I have an LED light. These typically have little penetration and the even canopy of the scrog is an efficient use of light. However, researching journals, it seems most folks wait too long to flip 12/12 and the screen becomes overgrown from the initial stretch. I'm still having a hard time envisioning the pipe-cleaner thing. That's a hybrid between a scrog and LST correct? I'm wait to see about 2" growth and just move the branch over to the next hole in the screen. Does tying the branch back help fill the screen faster? Thanks...
the ties r used if u have a scrog with big holes so if u r trying to stretch it across a hole to the next or to the other side of the hole u tie it to keep it growing across instead of up I personally like to use chain link fence for scrog smaller hole and normally be found for free
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