J1 - 2 x Dr Grinspoon & CS Feminising


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So in my other thread I mentioned that I was waiting to put a DrG in water and get that ball rolling. I did that today. Tomorow night into paper towel, next day soil. I figured since this strain is poorly documented I will give it my best go. I'm going to run these to their second/third node and switch to 12/12,maybe 1145/1215 I hear it is way long to flower and might just not flower under 1212. Is it running with others but thats ok. There is a whole breading program in my active journal.

Strain: Dr Grinspoon
Flowering 100days Pure sative
Soil Organic
400wHPS + 90w LED

Wish me luck! :peace:
re: J1 - 2 x Dr Grinspoon & CS Feminising

Hey iluvsnow and gramfan, I'm really worried about this strain, mostly cause they cost 15$ each! (60$/5) and I'm worried that if they don't germ I wont be able to get a resend and will have wasted my chance to make a super potent cross that will end up with tons of sativa genetics and potency.

Yet I'm super excited at the same time because I get to experiment and have some fun. I hope they don't get root bound ....
Ignition, green light, it's a go

So they are both up! So far so good.

Cool... but I've gotta ask. Maybe it's the angle of the shot, but to me it looks like the surface of the soil is around 4" (~100mm) from the top of the pot. why so low? more soil = bigger root system = better nutrient uptake = better yield
Some one noticed! I was worried about stretch during seedling phase so I thought I could mostly fill the pots, and once they get to the right size I would fill them. I don't think I will do this in the future though, mostly because of the new LED on the way.

:) thanks for stopping in.

Not much to update, they are looking good. Always a little slow at this stage. Second leaves are coming up now. Was hoping to flip the 11th but it might be later. I want everyone to have at least 3 full sets of leaves, and by then my LED should be here!
Ooooo, a Dr Grinspoon grow! I'm in!


It's on the list for my next seed buy. I'm going to enjoy watching yours - thank you! :cheesygrinsmiley:

CS? You're gonna S1 it?
I'm really excited and slightly worried. I think I want the wispy pheno... but I'm also sure I want at least some buds from it. Either way the next grow is going to be a home made DrG cross!
Welcome all! I am hoping to increase the yield and decrease the flowering time. But I don't want to bring it down too much. Maybe into the 80 day period would be good. As for yield, not worried. Even if it's only 1oz a plant over 100 days I'll just have to put more in the ground! My big worry is trimming. All those loose, wispy free flowing buds.... *snip,snip,snip,snip.......*
Added more soil to the one thats all bent over. Will be pinching the big one tomorrow morning so I can have enough branches to pollinate! Soon begins the CS treatment. Going to slowly introduce 11.5/12.5 to make sure that the sativas are doing their thing. Also going to light proof the closet a little bit better. Just in case.
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