J1 - 2 x Dr Grinspoon & CS Feminising

You must of got different pheno or something the only Dr Grinspoon I've seen looks like picture below. I've never seen a hairy Dr. Grinspoon it's always been nodes with barely any hairs. I'm guessing the LED light might have something to do with it.
Anyways looking good, subbed


here is some of my Dr. Grinspoon. And boy can she foxtail and keep growing!!!
I think the stretch is over actually. I'f I had let it grow even a week more I think she would have stretched longer. Sadly I think I picked my males too early by a couple days so I will only have the feminize seed and the auto seeds by the end of it. Which is sad because now I wont have extra stock of those 2 awesome strains, but I will have a bunch of new ones.

Ya Dank420Girl I got the tighter pheno, not the nevils haze pheno. There are a number of grinspoon grows on ----- forums where they got the tigher more silver haze pheno types but they still flowered for 90~ days. I'm sad I didn't get the whispy pheno and releived at the same time. On the upside potency across the board seems high, I will get more buds, and it will stay shorter :) Also less trimming, but most of the bud I've seen has barely had sugar leaves removed sooooo.

Thanks for swinging in :)

J189RFC. Love your grow!!! Keep the updates coming!!
I think that it would be very interesting to see I would love to watch the journal on that one

Next one is going to be good! I am very excited about the next grow. Mostly because of the DrG x BB but as well because the ABB are very very reliable now. Check the other grow for more info on the other strains :)

And yes, as promised some updates on feeding here shortly
here is some of my Dr. Grinspoon. And boy can she foxtail and keep growing!!!

Damn Jefe! Now thats what I call some buds! I hope my DrG looks that good when it's done. Over on the other thread the Xtreme Haze is starting to look quite a bit like that.

Thanks for swinging in and thanks for the kind words :) Gonna head over and see what you got rockin right now :)
Hey hey hey! (Best big alberta voice)

So tomorrow marks day 42. No male bits yet. Next time I will start spraying before I switch to 12/12. I have read that other people do this and it helps quite a bit. Might not see balls for another week or two :( . The one lady I am spraying looks healthy. The other one.... Not sure. Took off a crunchy weird leaf today. Gonna give it a couple of days see how she progresses and then hit her with some nutes. I don't really want to self fertilize, but I like this pheno and she is by far tougher and faster than her sister.... At least I'll have extremely stable pheno then! Hahaha feminized seed clones!

The stretch is certainly over. I hope to see some sacks before all my ABB come out. I'm thinking an auto BBxDrG would be a crazy mix, mostly sativa, with a little indica/rudy auto flowering for 120 days ahahahahaha, what am I even doing!

Pics some time soon. Real sorry I haven't been keeping up. The sun is out and my paranoia is back with a vengeance.... I'll try posting some updates this weekend. Worst case scenario I will post something once I take some ABBs out of the closet.
So I wasn't expecting this from this strain, but thats ok! Hairy and already having hairs turning. Not much for crystal development or growth. Been spraying every day and still waiting to see something happening on those stems. Shes looking healthy atleast.

So I just added this to the other thread and figured it would go well here as well.

Well this was due a couple weeks ago. But I'm hopping that if I post this I can get a little help. So the entire list of nutes is as follows

Chems! Old Mostly unused except for the 2-0-0+Cal
2-0-0 +Cal
ph down

Zho 1-0-0 inocullant
2-3-5 botanicare bloom
fish emulsion alaska
fulvic acid

Ok all, what am I missing, what could I use (other than an organic cal mag the shop I go to was out of the general organics calmag+)
I also load my soil with .5-.5-.5 manure, peat, loam, perlite, sometimes some sand and vermiculite. I add bone meal and rock powder and sometimes some compost. I like to bake my soil before I do anything because I hate bugs.

Suggestions, ideas??? I don't use the chems stuff much anymore. I started using it in the bucket at the beginning of the grow but since I have switched to the org bloom with just a little cal/mag boost.
So I am having some minor problems with the nutes when it comes to dr g. But it's ok. The haze is far more affected than the Dr. G. The CS is also working! I think I see the first signs of male flowers! And picks to prove it!
I know it's hard to see in that picture but there is some serious ballin going on in those CS "buds" I'm worried though because this is so new and strange to me. And I've read that the artificially created balls open much later/not at all. I'm glad I have about 5 "Bud sites" to work with right now so if I fk up at least I can fall back on others. I'm tempted to let them go at least another week, but I'm super worried they will randomly one day triple in size and blow the fk right up all over everything..... And that is not optimal.

Suggestions? Ideas? I'm trying to find a couple old threads about it but if you all want to share?

Herbie's was out when I ordered, dammit - now I want one even more! That's so enticing.

Um ... still pushing pistils? :cheesygrinsmiley: Did you get any seeding?
Totally freaky! It's the weirdest thing to see balls coming out of buds and only in the one spot. Had a flower fall off today..... still no pollen.... At the same time I don't see pollen I'm freaking out that everything is now seeded !!!
Uggg, so I had to crop the beautiful CS'ed lady man because she was sprouting balls everywhere :( Still looked tasty! The other one is looking like ass. Was never able to correct what was going on in that soil. She should come down in a couple of days. Thank you for the encouragement all. I'll post some results in a couple weeks!
If you don't see pollen, I doubt you had alot of seed set. Was it was the grinspoon you reversed or the J1 cross? You should find a place to let that pollen go where you can collect and use or freeze it.
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