Dr. Grinspoon

Heres a shot of her today just chilling :hug:

The doctor is in and looking great. Will be hoping mine does as good. I fimmed her and her sisters at 16 days. They all seem to have liked it. Grow has 4 members, One each of Dr. Grin, AK-49, Tangerine Dream and White Widow. All is well, so far anyway.

Peace & Great Growin`
Hey Bushybro, nice to meet you mate, like DocBud said I wanted to see this strain flower also. Seen the madness of it once before but the bud is supposed to be the BOMB.

Im In.... :nomo:
@ Yooper.. Great plant, i have all the patience in the world for her ;)

@JB42 - It truly is the most amazing thing i ever smoked - If grown to maturity; Better than WW in my opinion.

@Bud Grant - I get what you mean man, i thought the same cos it happened on my first 2 grows with it.. but now ive realised its just a mid flower swell, i actually think i have the Phenotypes because they just grow massive calyxes and then join together in "Clusters" , i just didnt get mine to go purple indoors, they dried browny gold yellow - but i think outdoors is the way to go , i think as its getting cooler now the change in colour will happen by harvest time.

First time i grew i picked the bud 3 weeks early.. and its was amazing
Second time grew bang on 14 weeks.. I was the highest ive ever ever been in my entire life - Divine! :thanks:
Here's an update - stretching is starting again, and all calyxes have begun to foxtail from stem - from here i would expect to see another 10 inches in growth. I did see a bee give The Dr's vaggy a bit of a playing with so i hope she has been polinated that would be an amazing seed to plant - One of a kind! :drool:



back in the day sativas were all there was growing in my country, and i still prefer their high, have never seen or smoked a plant like yours but im definitely buying something like that for outdoor next spring, i can only imagine the high would be sublime.

Iv'e always said the sativa was a fine wine and indica was a slug of whiskey lol we both agree that its something that extra bit special.

keep up the good work Bushy + reps mate.
Hi all

Thanks for everyone giving me reps!

Quick update:

The rains have just started here - which means the buds swelling nicely and really starting to take on the ball shaped nuggets you see in the breeders pic.
I expect a reasonable yield from this plant, the indoor one i grew yielded just under 4 ounces, this plant is an 8th smaller and i think ill easily get over an ounce. So smaller is actually better in regards to this strain - the buds are far more dense compared to the indoor version of this.

Im tipping i wont need to go 15 weeks, im thinking maybe another 5 weeks (13 in total) i may just leave it to go the full 15 to see if i can bring out some of the purple characteristics.
Week 8

Here are some shots of her today. :)



Now this next picture is the exact same strain, this is a clone from the plant above.
I wanted to show you this - basically i haven't been feeding her at all, mainly i wanted to see with less nutes or none at all.. could i achieve the pheno type bud characteristics - anyways check out the purple hues

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