Sponsored Grow - Goliath & The Beast Auto Topping

I've always thought about throwing acouple auto into my veg tent, for a finish room,,, least for the auto. And still veg my photos plants, Least that is what I'm hearing from Killian? I've not grown many autos myself. Least indoors. But they do have these 50/50 MH/HPS como bulbs. Might be the ticket to accomplish both?? I can't say much,, I've never grown a complete flip of autos,, so I've no idea. But I will say these combo HID bulbs sure 'brighten' up a flower room.... Keepem Green Breast
Good day growers hope ur all merry and well;) here is an update on the goliath garden.the baby widows doing well;)
then we have killer kush auto budding well smells amazing
and here is 3 bears auto some big buds forming and a very intense smell she has
and mikromachine auto busting some shapes, a few weeks left and buds are already showing there solid and firm.a great strong plant and has a tropical smell;)
and group shota of the goliath auto garden
happy newyear every1 and happy growing;) dont get to drunk ha ha;)
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