Sponsored Grow - Goliath & The Beast Auto Topping

Good day growers 3 more days later.plants are loving it all budding nicely.here is mephisto genetics polar light auto;)
and sweet seeds killer kush auto
and kannabia seeds mikromachine auto.she is as big and as wide as think big;)
and think big is now sucking the life from her leafs did notice a few fans showing this but more noticable around the bud leafs.so a nice heavy feed and dose of calmag she has had.will let go another week then begin flush;)
and group shots;)
thats all for now happy growing every1;)
Catnip for best results u need to hit the auto young while it is in its early veg stage which is between day 14 and 20 of life.autos need the best start and best life from start to finish for best results.when topped then sit and watch grow until ur happy with her size then begin lst;)
Catnip for best results u need to hit the auto young while it is in its early veg stage.then sit and watch grow until ur happy with her size then begin lst;)
I topped my last auto at around 25 days where as this time I have topped at 15 days and there appears to be a large difference in how the plants recovered. Hardly any recovery time at all when topped at 15 days
Hi thebeast27, arrived late m8 but love your work . will be following your grow skills intently .. Just wondering m8 would you recommend LED over conventional lamps? Just trying to beat the heat in summer without a ac in your tent when running conventional lamps is difficult in Oz summer .

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How's your amazing garden mate? :)

I'm like a kid in a sweet shop here! Best thing I've done for a long long time all this and I'm struggling to sleep with the excitement if I'm honest lol. hahahaha So much to learn and so many really helpful people already :)

Really good to meet so many nice people with similar attitudes and something in common :)
Southern welcome and thanks.id recomend leds all the way.they penetrate ur plants better,nice tight nodesno stretching unless its flower time and very low on heat.leds are defo the way forward in growing.hope this helps.happy growing and merry christmas;)
Hippy thanks alot mate.there always great people here on 420 its great.and my garden is booming mate think big is going for it now towards the end.update with pics tmz.happy growing and merry christmas
Good day growers so 4 days later the garden still very happy and budding strong here some group shots;)
and think big is really busting some shapes now budding very well .and has some purple tones on the buds,so very pretty girl;) here is dutch passion think big auto;)
thats all for now.happy growing every1;)
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