JT's First Grow - Come Along Should Be A Fun Ride!


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Hello first time grower here so any advice would be greatly appreciated.:thanks:I wanted to keep my first grow as simple as possible so I decided to start with 2 very good quality clones from a local compassion club.

what strain is it: Vortex-hybrid 80%sativa 20%indica...the Void hybrid not sure %s?
veg or flower: veg...clones first day home.
indoor/outdoor: indoor...closet grow 2x3x8
soil or hydro: soil...Fox Farm's(happy frog)5x1 mix with perlite
size of light: 400w(not air cooled)
light cycle: 18-6
temp:trying to keep between 75-80 but it did get just over 90 while I was at work
fertilizers:nothing as of yet but I am planning on growing as organically as possible.

I have wanted to grow ever since I smoked my first joint(over 20 years ago) so being able to do so legally in my own home is a dream come true.
here are a few pics:


Re: JT's first grow...come along should be a fun ride!

it's only been a few days but I couldn't resist a 4-20 post.:tokin: Both plants really seem to LOVE their new home! the Void seems to be a few days older than the Vortex so it is bigger but the Vortex is catching up nicely.:thumb: Both have lots of new growth. I actually would like to add a few more clones to the mix before these get too much older.
here is a couple more pics


Those are 2 of my biggest concerns I think that I'm set with the light that I have (if needed I will add a cfl or 2 at flower time) but the ventilating has been a little more difficult. I have a 9' fan blowing out the exhaust. I think for my next grow I may have to put a exhaust fan in the ceiling of the closet to make it more efficient.
Re: JT's first grow...come along should be a fun ride!

ok I added 2 more plants to my garden both of them are Indica dominate the larger of the 2 is Skywalker she is a couple of weeks old,she looks pretty good just a little skinny a breeze from my fan should thicken her stems up a bit. the smaller of the 2 is K.O. Kush she is a freshly potted clone and is atleast a week behind the rest...but that is fine cuz I will just keep vegging the others until she is ready to flower.
My goal is to have the plants on a 12-12 flowering cycle in 3 to 4 weeks tops.Here is a couple of new pics(not sure why the last ones didn't work)

Re: JT's first grow...come along should be a fun ride!

I plan on updating my journal on a weekly basis, but beeing this my first grow ever I find myself overly excited about all the changes that are taking place. My plants are doing great and they seem to really LOVE their home.:yahoo: my only concern is the temp that the closet gets up to. I open the door to get some cooler air in as much as possible, this will be alot easier to do once they are on their 12/12 light cycle...because I plan on having the lights on from 5pm to 5am,and with me working first shift I will be home for most of the light on schedule and I will be able to open up the closet door when needed.
My Skywalker was a little too skinny and scrawny so I decided to fim her in hopes of having her bush out a little and my K.O. kush is the baby of the garden just hoping that she really takes off in the next couple of weeks to somewhat catch up with the others... if she isn't at least 18-24 inches by the time I go to 12/12 I may have to put her outside for a week or two of longer veg and then bring her in with the others.
My first 2 clones from the compassion club are doing AWESOME! they are getting so bushy that I really don't see a need to top them at all. Over all this grow is going great thanks to all the VALUABLE information that I have gotten from this site!:thumb: I just wish that I could fast forward about 2 months. HaHa
here are a couple more pics of my babies.
Re: JT's first grow...come along should be a fun ride!

this last week has gone by so fast and the plants are growing like crazy!:bravo: I still have not added any nutrients to them but I'm starting to really consider picking up some.:morenutes: because I want to stay ALL organic,I'm not sure what to get...hoping that the hyponics store where I got my Fox Farms soil will point me in the right direction. Thinking of something more to help with the budding process.
Today was the first time that I trimmed them at all, I was way too scared to take the scissors to them before now. LoL
I took some measurements to compare to a week ago...it seems like they are doing great but maybe they could be doing better?
4-25-2012 5-02-2012
the Void 9 1/2 inches 12 1/2 inches
the Vortex 9 inches 14 1/2 inches
Skywalker 9 inches 11 inches (fimmed)
K.O. Kush 3 1/2 inches 7 inches

This grow has been going great with no real problems and I am planning on starting my 12/12 light schedule on 5-13. I just hope that my K.O. kush can get to at least 12-16 inches by then.
I also just for an experiment started 10 seeds of Grape Widow, I plan on getting the best looking 3 or 4 rooted and set in their pots and then letting them grow outside.
here are some new pics :thumb:




It really is fun, I finally just got setup the way I want, and things are looking green! The people on here are always helpful and positive. It is a great community. So, I am taking a wild guess, but are you from Jersey? (you dont have to answer)
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