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Hello and welcome to my grow journal!:welcome: A little about me first.
I have been growing for the last 3 years,pretty much non-stop perpetual grow until about 2 weeks ago when my house had some electrical problems and I had to shut down my flower tent. The electrical issues have been taken care of and I'm back in business.:yahoo: And I figured this would be a perfect time to post a new journal since the only one that I have done was my first grow ever. Man have I learned a lot since then!
My grow is constantly changing and improving. I started with a 2x3 closet to a 4x4 tent and now in a 5x5 tent. For lighting I started with a 400w hps to a 1000w hps then on to 2 315w ceramic metal halide and I have now added a P600 LED from PlatinumLED.:yahoo:
So let's get this party started!:party:

Flower: 2 315w ceramic metal halides (air cooled) & 1 P600 from PlatinumLED
Veg cabinet: Top chamber 4 23w cfl 6500k. Bottom chamber (cloning) 2 23w cfl 6500k

Soil: Royal Gold Basement blend
Soil additives: Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Grow (for veg and flower) Earth Juice Rainbow Mix Bloom (flower only)
Liquid Food: (I really only feed tea during flower)
Earth Juice Catalyst-15ml per gallon of water
Earth Juice Microblast-15ml per gallon of water
Earth Juice Bloom-30ml per gallon of water

Temp and Humidity:
Veg: about 80 degrees and 60% humidity
Flower: temp is about 82 degrees and 50% humidity(was about 78 degrees but the new LED added a bit)

Strains in my rotation are: The Void,Qrazy Train,Jack the Ripper, and Pineapple Trainwreck
Right now in flower is just 1 Pineapple Trainwreck normally I run groups of 4.
The next crop currently in the veg chamber is 2 the Void and 2 Qrazy Train.
The clone chamber currently has a few of all strains.

I am constantly learning about this beautiful flower that I love so much:circle-of-love: so I am open to any and all advice that anybody would have to offer. Thankyou for taking the time to read this and welcome again to JT's perpetual Grow 2.0!
Here is a few pictures of my set up.
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Good luck! I'll be along for the ride!

Thanks man! I plan on updating about once a week or as changes occur. This is pretty much the same setup that I have been using for the past year with the addition of the LED. I can't wait to see the P600 in action!
Re: JT's Perpetual Grow 2.0- PlatinumLED-Ceramic Metal Halide-Organic-Soil-Multi Stra

Nice set up I'm here and buckled in. What's your perpetual schedule like? Just wondering cause I'd like to do something like this

Thanks man! welcome aboard...I usually put 4 into flower every 6 weeks. But with me having to shut my last one down I only had 1 that was ready to go into flower. I may try and get 4 more into flower in the next 2 weeks gonna have to wait and see how well they do in veg.
Here is my weekly update: not too much has changed. The Pineapple Trainwreck that is in flower was from a friend of mine and it is the first time that I have ever grown the strain,she is really starting to bush out!
I am hoping to get 4 more into the flower tent within 2 weeks. The tent just seems so empty with only 1 in there.
here are some pics from today
Quick update for today.
The Pineapple trainwreck that was in the tent has started to show pistils! She is bushing out like crazy! I got her from a buddy of mine and he always tops his plants. I never top mine but growing out this pineapple trainwreck has me thinking a little.
I couldn't take just one plant in my tent any longer. so today I put 4 more in there, 2 the Void and 2 Qrazy Train. They are going in about 3-4 weeks early (normally I veg for 6-8 weeks) but like I said, I had to put them in.
The next group of 4 was moved up to the veg cabinet for the next cycle, 2 Void and 2 Pineapple trainwreck. I also took 19 cuttings to keep things going smoothly.
Here are some pics from today

Just sitting around being bored watching football so I thought that I would do a quick update.
Not too much has changed, the PTW is really coming along nicely.Like I said earlier it was a gift from a friend that I was really only going to take cuttings off of. But then stuff hit the fan and it was the only plant that I had that was even close to flower so in the tent she went. When I got her said had alot of purple stems and even after a repot and a few feedings of tea she hasn't improved any...although I'm still very confident that she will produce quality buds. She is a beast and I can't wait to grow the cuttings that I took off of her.
Here are a few pics from today
Today I went to visit an old friend and got to check out his operation. I always get so damn motivated when I visit him. He is most definitely "Big Time"
He is actually the guy who got me started. Although we went down different paths, he puts any chemical he can to make his plants bigger and I grow as organically as possible. I still look to him for motivation.
Today he gave me a clone of White Widow! I have been wanting to grow WW for a while now. She is still pretty small so I will grow her out and take some cuttings from her so I can add her to the rotation.
Plants are doing great...the PTW is still red stalked and yellowing fan leaves but it is budding like crazy so I can't complain too much.

The 2 Void and 2 Qrazy Trains are just now starting to bud as well, I'm still hoping that they will stretch for another week or 2. Kinda wish I could have waited at least a week longer to put them into the tent but I couldn't take the emptiness!

I have 2 gallons of tea brewing right now...1 for the PTW and 1 that I will dilute to 50% and feed each of the four a 1/2 gallon. Right now is the slow phase of the grow for me but things are most definitely looking good!
Here is a the tent and my veg cabinet pics as well
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