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Happy New Year!:party:

I was originally hoping to bring my girls to flower today but I will give them at least another week to grow a bit more:thumb: I did finally put together my flower tent. I still have to figure out how I will set everything up in the tent but I should be able to lay it all out tomorrow.


it's a 5x5 tent and I use 2 PlatniumLED p600 for lights

My girls are looking great and happy! There really wasn't a need to take them out of the tent today so I just took a group shot


I started another 3 gallon tea for them as well. I put 15ml of Cal-Mag for each gallon to get them ready for the switch. The tea will be ready for them Wednesday morning:thumb:


Thanks for stopping by!:Namaste:
The Day Has Finally Come!!!:party: It's flower tent time! Now the real fun begins!
I gave the girls their new 10 gallon pots and they are resting comfortably in the flower tent. :yahoo:

I use Royal Gold "Basement Mix" soil for all my soil needs

I use Earth Juice soil amendments. For flower I use 1 heaping tablespoon of the Grow and 2 heaping table spoons of the Bloom for each gallon.


Here are each of the girls before and after they got transplanted. I go from 3 gallon in veg to 10 gallon in flower. I also took some cuttings off of each of them the the next round:thumb:









It feels pretty damn good having some girls in the flower tent again! :love:



here are the cuttings that I took for the next round:thumb:

Here is my practically empty veg tent with 5 new seeds that I planted yesterday (I forgot take pics of the seedlings tap roots) and the only 2 clones that grew roots from the last batch. I think that the reason for only 2 making it is. I got interrupted right after I added the water to my pete pellets last time and by the time I got back to them they were very cold and I still used them. I have plenty of them and should have just made more, but oh well 2 made it...lesson learned



Thanks for stopping by!:Namaste:
Thanks for stopping by my man!

No prob buddy I'm always around now. I get my notifications via email as well as panel .

See you got your next bunch ready to rock and roll brotha .
No prob buddy I’m always around now. I get my notifications via email as well as panel .

See you got your next bunch ready to rock and roll brotha .

I used to get all the notifications to my phone but it was BLOWING up all day long so I changed it to where I have to log on to see them. I would like to have the next group in their 3 gallon pots already but a little behind never hurt nobody!:;):
Hope all is well in your world.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

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Hey guys I was taking a few bong rips :roorrip:and I figured that I would try out my new cloning set-up that I picked up recently. I have been itching to use this! It's a humidity dome with a heat pad and a t-5 veg light...
my older set-up was a humidity dome in the bottom of my veg cabinet under a few cfls




My girls are still a couple of weeks away from going into the flower tent.I figured that I would take them out and get a few clones off of each of them to start getting ready for my next grow.





my Dream Machine had a pretty bad lean over on the main stalk that I was trying to straighten and I snapped the stalk...:thedoubletake: She was the 1 seed that took the longest to get growing. I kinda gave up on her until I opened her solo cup to transplant and I saw all of her roots that she had and once she was transplanted she LOVED her new home. I took 5 clones from her and will have to wait until next grow to try her!



Here's all the cuttings that I took


each cutting goes into a pete pellet and I label each cup to not get them mixed up


This morning I started a 3 gallon batch of tea for my girls...they will get a well balanced and healthy lunch:thumb:


Thanks for checking out my journal I really appreciate all the input:Namaste:
I'm hoping to get my flower tent setup by next tuesday so that everything will be ready and waiting for the girls

i feel like those pots are extra in height what size of pots i heard deep pots over width are better still tryin to determine
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