Mickey's Multi Strain Perpetual - 600W HPS - LED - Coco/Soil - DWC


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What strain is it? Green House Seeds Kalashnikova, Vision Seeds Silver Haze, Female Seeds Bubblegummer, TH Seeds Sage N Sour, HSO Bubba Kush, Female Seeds C99
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? All different
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Both
If in Veg... For how long? See below
If in Flower stage... For how long? See below
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Organic Soil, 2.5 Gal Hempy, #5 Smart Pots with 50/50 coco/perlite, DWC
If soil... what is in your mix? Hempy- 2 inches of perlite at bottom, 50/50 coco and perlite on top, Smart Pots have 50/50 coco/perlite throughout
If soil... What size pot? #5 smart pots, 2.5 gallon Hempy bucket, 7 Gal for soil, 3.5 Gal DWC
Size of light? 192X3w LED for veg, 600w HPS for flower
Is it aircooled? Both Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 66F-72F lights on, 62-70 lights off
RH of Room/cab? 30%-60% but usually 30-45 is normal
PH of media or res? Don't check for soil, hempy and DWC will always be 5.8
Any Pests ? None, some fruit flies in first grow but none since
How often are you watering? When needed, usually every 3-6 days
Type and strength of ferts used? See Below

So welcome to my first journal. I've been around on this website for some time now learning everything I could and now I'd like to be more vocal and maybe even help someone else out with the little bit of knowledge I've gained. Also, I'd like to keep a record of what I do so if I don't post often enough its because nothing great is happening.

I like to use any way that people sggguest could be a better way to grow. First thing is Gas Lantern Routine in veg. I will be doing heavy defoliation in veg as well as in flower. I will also be doing LST and FIM.

I currently have multiple strains going. In my veg tent is Vision Seeds Silver Haze and Female Seeds Bubblegummer both day 57 and both in #5 smart pots. Next is TH Seeds Sage N Sour and HSO Bubba Kush both at Day 38 in cups. The Female Seeds C99 Clones are day 14 in solo cups. BGUM and SHaze clones are both at day 4 in solo cups. These are currently in my 20”x36”x60” veg tent with the TopLED Growlight 12 hours on 5.5 off, 1 on, 5.5 off light schedule.

I also have a 4'x4' flower tent with a 600w HPS. At day 40 is HSO Lost Coast OG and Female Seeds C99. Both are in 2.5 Gal Hempy Buckets. On day 18 Female Seeds C99 and GHS Kalashnikova. C99 is in a 3.5 Gal DWC and the kova is in a 2.5 Gal Hempy. On day 2 is the GHS Kalashnikova in a 7 Gal pot w/ Organic Soil. By Organic I mean it was recycled FFOF soil.

So now my nutrients. I have picked up random stuff here and there. I started out with, and still use, the Fox Farms Trio – Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom. Started moving away from this though and mainly use GH FloraNova Grow and Bloom as base.

For veg I will use FN Grow and Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro as the base. For flower is just FN Bloom. For additives I have picked up General Hydroponics RapidStart Root Enhancer, BotaniCare Cal-mag +, Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses, Dnya-Gro KLN and Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt. I also used Great White Myco when I transplant and use it as a top dressing in the early veg stage. For flower additives I use Advanced Nutrients Bid Bud, GH KoolBloom liquid, MadFarmer MOAB and Atami Bloombastic. In my organic plant I'll use the Heisenberg tea every other watering as well as add in Alaskan Fish Fertilizer and MoorBloom. I also top dress with Bat Guanos (high N or high P depending on stage of growth.

I recently received Cutting Edge Solutions complete line of nutrients, General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow and Bloom, and Alaskan Morbloom all as samples. I'd like to do a head to head of all of these in the future. I was wondering if anyone had and experience with any of these particularly the CES line. Thanks.
Re: Mickey's multi strain perpetual 600w HPS, LED, coco soil and DWC

So this is what my tent looked like a few hours ago. Currently I am transplanting the the Bubba and Sage n Sour to 3.5 Gal DWC buckets. This also means the 2 in Smart Pots are getting thrown into flower small but I have to make room for them. My new 2'x4' tent is coming in next week and I'm planning on putting at least 4 DWC bucket in there at all times and turning the veg tent into a small scrog tent.

Next update will be pictures of my flower room.

Overview of tent

Bubblegummer= Day 59

Silver Haze- Day 59

C99 Clones- Day 16 since transplant

SHaze and BGum clones- day 6 since transplant

Bubba Kush- day 40

Sage N Sour- Day 40
Re: Mickey's multi strain perpetual 600w HPS, LED, coco soil and DWC

Well here is my flower tent. Most of the plants in here were rushed in and not vegged accordingly to the space I have. In the next month or so I will be switching over to growing 4 2'x2' plants as well as a scrog in my current veg tent.

Flower tent

Lost Coast OG- Day 42

C99- Day 42

C99- Day 18

Kalashnikova- Day 18

Kalashnikova- Day 4

Feel free to comment or ask questions, I'm waiting for my 1st post to be updated
Re: Mickey's multi strain perpetual 600w HPS, LED, coco soil and DWC

Decided on 3 new strains today. Dutch Passion Durban Poison, Humboldt seeds Blue Dream, and Dinafem Dinachem. These are in preparation for the 2x4 veg tent that is in the mail. The Durban and Dinachem will be sprouted in rapid rooter plugs and transplanted directly to DWC buckets. The blue dream will be put into either a 5 gal hempy or 7 gal organic pot and put in a SCROG in the current veg tent I have. I want to see how i do with the kalashnikova in an organic set up before I commit to it but I'm leaning that way for the blue dream
Re: Mickey's multi strain perpetual 600w HPS, LED, coco soil and DWC

Pics were taken last night so days will be according to that. I won't go through the veg tent because they are in the video above

Lost Coast OG- Day 50 Really starting to harden up and yellow out. Will easily be a 56-60 day strain. Just gave this and the C99 their last feeding which was 900 PPMs or GH FloraNova Bloom, MOAB, and something new, Botanicare Sweet Raw.

C99- Day 50 Same deal as above

C99 DWC- Day 28. Changed the res yesterday. Added Some Sweet Raw in with the FN Bloom, as well as some liquid KoolBloom, And AN Big Bud. PPM about 800, pH 5.9.

Kalashnikova Hempy- Day 28. Watered with some of the res water. Small plant i threw in flower too soon but its a great smoke.

Bubblegummer and Silver Haze - day 7 Stretching nicely. I messed up my first watering and gave this plant and the Silver Haze water that was meant for my day 50 Hempys. The didn't burn though and I got it corrected. Both plants are still stretching and their clones are vegging nicely.


That's all I got for now. If anyone saw my last veg video I have an issue in there. Neither of my transplants to DWC buckets are producing any roots. I transplanted rootbound young plants from 16 oz red cups with coco/perlite to 6" net pots 10 days ago and no roots are showing. I've done this 2 other times and they have shown in 2-4 days. I've been pouring water from the res down the net pot as well as checking the res water to make sure when it bubbles they are reaching the bottom of the net pot. If I pick up the net I can see the bottom of the roots but none of them are growing down. The plants look fine so I think I should just wait. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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