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  1. HydroponicFireman

    Whippersnapper Re-Veg: A Learning Process, 1st Attempt

    So it has begun... This is something I've never done before, so I decided to document it. I'll be doing a grow journal about re-vegging which will be limited to: 1) growing from (NON-feminized) seed 2) flowering as quickly as possible with limited vegetative time 3) identifying and...
  2. G

    Male and light cycle

    Hi - question. As was expected, a couple males popped up in the DJ short BB seeds I recently planted. The pollen sacs are already forming even under 18h light - that is, I hadn't started my plants on bloom sched yet. This is good. Wondering if males will produce pollen under 18 hours. The...
  3. J

    Need help - Are those male plants?

    They are in 6th day of flowering and i want to be sure whetever they really males any help will be very appriciated!
  4. T

    Advice on what to do with males

    Hey guys well i have 6 plants of some seeds i had saved a while back. Just looked at them today i have 3 Females and 3 Males. Thing is i was wondering if i could keep my Males inside of my garage (has windows with okay lighting) so they could keep growing.I have put a good amount of time in to...
  5. Meek246unruly

    I have a male with trichomes and few hair at the top of the plant

    i have some Kalahnikova plants from greenhouse seeds and I crossed them with a sour diesel male.now the f1 hybrid vigor seed from those too.i get few males with trichomes and hair at the top of the males.and those male hermaphrodites or do some male naturally do that THANKS...
  6. Meek246unruly

    I have a male with trichomes and few hair at the top of the plant

    hey there .I have crossed some two kalashnikova plants from greenhouse seeds and cross them wid a sour diesel male.Recently I have gotten few males that tend to have trichomes and hair at the top of the plant and few that come out like normal looking males.what do you think about the males with...
  7. Jackalope

    Extreme Vetting

    You just can't let any plant lay around and get fed and watered. While just days ago everything was fine. Now their true colors are starting to show. I found 4 males last night. They were hiding among the others. Shielding themselves with females. I think there could be more so I'm vetting all...
  8. W

    Help identifying preflowers

    Hey i was curious if anyone could help me identify these pre flowers. Im not 100% sure but i think there males. Maybe to early to tell. Any help is much appreiated.
  9. M

    Help me find my males

    Hey people, this is my first time so I'm making some mistakes. Plants are all showing their sex, but I would like a second opinion from someone who is a little more experienced than myself before I go chopping. If anyone could take a look at them I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. A

    Seedlings showing signs they're males at 3 weeks?

    Hey Everyone Growing 6 new seedlings from germination, they're now in 4litre pots with a 70/30 mix of soil to perlite and a smidge of vermiculite. Humidity and temp are fine and the light cycle hasn't switched from 18/6, but they're weirdly showing signs of being males. Could this be down...
  11. H

    Sexing time!

    a little over a week of flowering....pls help to determine male/females. fingers crossed...i see 2 males and/or 1 hermie? thx!