mars hydo ts 1000

  1. Haste Makes Waste

    Haste's 11/13 From Seed Coco/Perlite Hempy Tent

    Hello 420 friends. I’m starting a journal to keep better track of what’s what in my little tent in the closet. Tent is 5 ft H x 3 ft W x 18 in D. Currently have Jamaican Dream from Eva and Cake N’ Chem from Greenpoint under a Mars Hydro TS1000 in coco/perlite hempy buckets. Everything here is 11...
  2. LoSBigBlue

    Big Blue's 420 Fast Buds Strawberry Pie X3

    420 Fast Buds Strawberry Pie Auto Mars Hydro 70cm x 70cm x 160cm Tent Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Local 420 Organic Mix Medium BioBizz Nutrients Next grow is a 3X run of an interesting strain from what I have read, an Indica that stays rather short and chunky, should have no problem running all 3 in...
  3. 9B52E289-99CE-4F6A-9CFE-C066E80ADFF3.jpeg


    Blackberry Kush auto 11/28 Day 70 above ground *harvest*
  4. JamesBong502

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal: 2 x TS1000, Big Bud In DWC

    Welcome to my Journal, *cue your choice of cool music* :theband: I will be showing you the budget friendly yet highly effective option from @Mars Hydro! Light: Mars-Hydro TS1000 I will be using the first generation model that do not have the daisy chain option. Medium: DWC -...
  5. Justin Goody

    Goody's Dessert On Mars: Blueberry & GSC Autos, Sponsored By Weedseedsexpress & Featuring MarsHydro

    Welcome friends and fellow growers to my first ever sponsored grow journal, starring: and Containers: 3 gallon Light: @Mars Hydro TS1000 Soil: Promix and 25% Perlite, mosquito bits. Nutrients: Superthrive, MegaCrop, Purpinator, Cal-mag if needed, Tapwater. Strains: Blueberry, Girl Scout...
  6. Jae416ixside

    2nd Indoor Grow: Mars Hydro TS

    Starting my second grow in about a week or two just getting everything together, researching a little bit more since its been a couple years since my first grow. Will be using the MARS HYRDO TS SERIES LED Lights and growing two different strains. Ill be using FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting...
  7. Mootah

    Mootah's Black Peruvian Diesel Under Mars Hydro TS 1000

    Hey all! Figured it was time to get the ball rolling on my indoor grow! Welcome to all who behave themselves and respect each other. The plants for this journey will be two of my exotic beauty , Black Peruvian Diesel. Lights will be 2 Mars Hydro TS 1000,5 gallon pots, 2 x 4 x 5' tall tent,some...
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