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  1. UncleCannabis

    How to Select the Right Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light for Your Specific Gardening Needs

    How to Select the Right Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light for Your Specific Gardening Needs Case Study - Grow Space Size: 4' wide x 4' Long x 6'6" High How do I determine the square footage of my grow area? Measure the floor space that you'll be looking to illuminate with your future LED light...
  2. AllSmiles

    Mars-Hydro - Formerly TopLedGrowLight - Customer Service Review

    Hello fellow 420 members. I wanted to take a few hours of my time today to provide in detail my customer service/warranty claim experience with Mars-Hydro(Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions for Horticulture and Indoor Plants) formerly TopLedGrowLights(Led Grow Lights for indoor plants-Top Led)...
  3. jinn

    Jinn's Coco Hempy Harem 2014

    *What strain is it? (1) Delicious Critical Super Silver Haze Feminised Seeds (1) barneys pineapple chunk fem *Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Cssh=25%indica 75% sativa. BPC= indica dominant *Is it in Veg or Flower stage? germing *Indoor or outdoor? indoor *Soil...
  4. count duckula

    TopLED Mars II 1200w - FWIW

    For what it's worth... I got the Mars II 1200w several months back and have just completed its first use. This light kicks so much ass! If and when I can come up with more $, I'll be ordering another one. It's a little warm but with proper ventilation, you should have no...
  5. S

    How high should I keep my Mars II 400w

    I've just started using one of my new lights, the Mars II 400w full spectrum on my baby plants. I have it set at 2'6" at the moment, is that ok or can I put it closer?
  6. FedLagNoMoe

    LED watts and spectrum for 30 clones?

    Hi, So, I'm an MJ patient/provider new to growing. Been doing tons of research on the web the past few months and am ready to take the plunge. It's a little daunting, but grower friends have told me my 20+ years as a mycologist and commercial mushroom grower should serve me well, as in...
  7. M

    Mars II LED lights by lG-LED

    Has anyone ever used these lights?? I see they use a 5watt diode by Cree..I'm thinking ofusing 5. 700w in a 10 x 10..any input would be appreciated
  8. Mars Hydro

    Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion

    Hello everyone, As a led grow light manufacture in China, I am very happy that I am here, be a sponsor. although we have been in this field many years, our online shop just get online this month. in order to celebrate it, we decided to give $20,$40....coupon to customers. more light you order...
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