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  1. U

    Uncle Roach Clip's First Ever Grow Journal: GG#4 Auto

    Greetings to my first grow journal. I provide a summary of the relevant specs at the end if you want to skip over all the details, which I provide here just for context. About me: this technically the 2nd solo grow I've ever done, but it might as well be my first. In 2001-2 I tried to guerilla...
  2. IMG_0460.jpg


    Master Kush Day 2
  3. Spec420

    Spec420's Master Kush: 2018

    This is the beginning of my Master Kush journey. At the same time, I am also completing my 12x16 grow house, so I will be updating progress here. The beginning: Master Kush seeds from SeedsForVets Seeds sprouted in 3 days. Into FoxFarms Ocean Forest soil My plan is to get them vegged...
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    Master Kush in soil
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    Master Kush is alive
  6. Dothedew1984

    First Grow! Sour Diesel Crop Kings Fem & 3 Master Kush Clones

    Still looking to find how to add pics
  7. F

    Week 7 flowering Nirvana White Widow and Masterkush soiless grow

    Growing feminized White widow and Master kush from Nirvana seeds. Soiless peat/perlite mix. Ph 7 to 8 1000w metal halide with ushio 6500k blue Dynagrow Foliage and Jacks classic 202020 ferts. Temps 72 humidity 60 to 70% Humidifier running 24 7 850 cfm inline fan running 24 7 with phresh...
  8. terpenator

    Master Kush - Sweet, Simple & Skunky!

    Totally organic grow as mine are always. Indoor using LED's 8 weeks into bloom at present. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  9. bakedseb

    CFL Cellar Grow

    Hi guys thought id do a grow journal so i could hopefully show some diffrent grows to what you all seen! my set up: 2 x 300 watt dual spectrum CFLs with hoods 1 x 125 watt blue cfl 1 x 250 watt red cfl 10 x germinated and sprouted master kush feminized from sensi seeds 5ft x 5ft...
  10. S

    Not sure what the problem is

    What Strain is it? MASTER KUSH How Many Plants? ONE Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? VEGETATIVE If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? ABOUT 8 WEEKS Indoor or Outdoor? INDOOR Soil or Hydro? SOIL If Soil... What is in your Mix? MANURE, DOLOMITE ROCK AND...
  11. Z

    Huge Outdoor MasterKush

    Hello fellow growers! I felt compelled to start a journal, even though it's already 2 months into grow, to share this beauty. This is simply the biggest Master Kush I have ever seen, with still over a month of growing phase I'm pretty sure she will surpass the legendary Big Buds I once had in...
  12. nelsonthedog

    Nelsonthedog Grow - Dark Devil - 818 Headband - Master Kush - 2 Mysteries

    Ok, heres my grow 1 sweet seeds dark devil 2 cali connection 818 headband 1 humboldt seeds master kush 2 mystery seeds my neighbor gave me Soil is Promix HP Lighting for veg hydro farm 4' t5 8 bulb and for flower is a hydrofarm 600 watt hps My nutes I use are general hydroponics...
  13. M

    LST'ing Advice?

    First(ish) Grow. -Master Kush -4 Gallon DWC -32x32x63 Grow Tent -400 Watt HPS -Stealth Hydropnics Grow Nutes(Plan on Switching to Flora Bloom, Im on a budget) -Also using General Hydroponics' Diamond Nectar I am trying to get the most weight out of this yield as possible in order to...
  14. P

    Master Kush - Soil - CFL Lights - Stealth Grow Custom Cabinet Oct '13

    Hello, and Thanks for clicking on my Grow Journal. I'd love to answer any questions ya'll have, and would really appreciate anyones input, thoughts, or Suggestions. Im up for learning as much as i can from as many people as i can! I love taking pics so get ready for Pic Heavy! lol Thank You...
  15. M

    1st Grow Time (Preparation)

    I've done the research I just need advice from those who have experience. Here a shopping list so far, add to it as you see fit for a newbie: - Emily's Garden Hydroponic System — $78.94 - Canna's Cannazym — $27.95 - Mylar walls — $19.99 - 400 Watt HPS + MH Digital Grow Light System -...
  16. C

    CFLGrow's Soil, White Widow, CFL Stealth Growbox Journal - 2010

    Hey 420 world! This is my first post ever. To be honest, I wasn't sure how wise posting everything online would be... but the knowledge sharing I've seen on these forums has outweighed the potential 'cons' :) So enjoy the sideline view - I'm about two weeks into what will hopefully be a very...
  17. N

    New Grower Using 12 Pot Ebb and Grow System

    Hey everyone. This will be my second attempt at growing. My first attempt was using a BCNL producer which didn't turn out too good. I couldn't keep the temps down and it just wasn't worth the $6k I invested into it. Should have done WAY more research. I have done alot of journal reading in...
  18. N

    Germinating seeds

    Just wondering how I should germinate my seeds. I am a new grower. I am going to use a BCNL Producer. It arrived yesterday so I need help starting my seeds. They will be going into rockwool after germination. The type of seeds is Master Kush.
  19. N

    New Grower Using a BCNL Producer

    So this is my first time ever growing anything! I purchased a BCNL Producer and am setting it up tonight/ tomorrow. I am going to grow Master Kush because of what I read in here, that plant is very forgiving to the newbies! I have read alot of peoples journals and hopefully I get the same help...
  20. Profit

    Profits Master Kush Bloombox Hydro Grow

    Hi Everyone, I have invested into the following setup and am starting my very first hydro grow I hope you enjoy! Setup: 1 Brand New Bloombox unit by BC Northern Lights Features: *White powder coated finish to utilize maximum reflectivity, providing Over 90,000 lumens of light to the...
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