1. G

    Beginner Grower, 3 Weeks In Autoflower

    Hi everyone, 3 weeks in to my second grow and its going really well. Learnt alot recently through research, trial and error and all of your advice. Heres some pics of my 3 week old autoflower. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  2. M

    Single seed from female clone

    I had a clone of DHN Skywalker OG that I grew this past season with no males. Tonight I found a fully mature seed in a top cola. Toss it or sprout it?
  3. E

    What explains early maturation of this plant?

    My plant is a clone from my first Pineapple Express. I put it under 12/12 lighting 40 days ago and it's now ready for harvest. My first PE took 65 days to mature and be ready for harvest --that plant was grown from seed. The literature suggests that this plant takes 8 - 9 weeks to mature...
  4. TorturedSoul

    Can You Supercrop A Mature Plant?

    Has anyone tried supercropping a fully mature plant that has been in the vegetative phase for months? Not the still-supple green stems, but the ones that are "brown and barky," old growth? If so, did you need to use pliers instead of your fingers, lol?
  5. G

    Will A 9 Hours Light Schedule Cause Problems?

    What can I expect putting a flowering clone onto a 9 hour light schedule? The clone was taken in first flowers from the mother plant and tied down flat and planned to veg it larger. I suppose it would be about a foot tall de-LST. Just want to get mature buds as fast as possible...currently I...
  6. W

    Legal posessions in DC

    I was doing some research in prep for my moronic landlord'S complaint. I saw an article where it states that max 6 plants 3 or less mature ...(what defines mature) available and legal. Up to 2 ounces legal but when it came to hash it says that it is illegal in DC. For those that cannot...
  7. Notchrob


    How long will it take to flush a 4 inch rockwool cube. I want to harvest the top buds, and let the lower part of the plant mature.
  8. candyman2007

    Do they look done?

    Not sure what any of these are but came from a dank sak i got in VA so i am calling it Sweet VA if anyone knows better please feel free to let me know what it really is. i know it looks to be two different KINDS or two different pheno's of the same. some of the buds in the sak looked different...
  9. T

    Are there any states that actually define "mature"?

    For the grow process, I would love to know if CA or any state, has on its books, what their definition of "mature" is and at what point that would be in the growth thru harvest cycle. Trying to keep a continuous system going may be hard if I do not know the true extent of what CA deems their...
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