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    Herbies Updates 22nd June 2018

    Herbies Seeds – Back in Stock – you can see the full list on our Back in Stock page DNA Genetics Chocolope DNA Genetics Cataract Kush Connoisseur Genetics Grateful Casey Connoisseur Genetics Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze CBD Crew CBD Medi Haze Holy Smoke Mint Chocolate Banana Dispensario Auto...
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    The Vault
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    Blew Hiller GH Summer 2018-NLxBB/Alien Mephisto
  4. Troy01

    Troy's 2nd - Autos - DP Ultimate & Euphoria, Meph Alien v Tangle, RQS Diesel

    Troy's 2nd Grow — DP Auto Ultimate and Auto Euphoria, Meph Alien v Tangle Auto, RQS Diesel Auto — 1st CoCo Grow Hello and thanks for dropping in. All are welcome and advice, suggestions and criticism are welcome. This is my 2nd Indoor grow and will be my first try at growing Autos and...
  5. Velk

    Velk Returns Illuminautos Mephisto Coco LED Auto #3

    :welcome::420: :rollit: hey guys and girls of 420 its been a while since ive done a journal im glad to be back to the best community on the net ive met some wonderful people made some good friends learned a whole lot and picked up a whole lot of knowledge on my journeys im a deadicated auto...
  6. R

    Mephisto Genetics

    I just started an auto flowering from Mephisto Genetics. Does anyone have any feedback on these as far as yield and quality.
  7. H

    Herbies Updates 4th August 2017

    Herbies Updates 4th August 2017 Back in stock. You can see the full listing here TGA Subcook JillyBean Seeds VIP Dwarf Auto Fems New Strains Added. You can see the full listing of new additions here Philosopher Jamaican Blueberry BX - 70% Sativa with early flowering period of 60-70...
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    Herbies Updates 7th July 2017

    We have quite a few updates for you this week. We are hoping to get Dinafems Remo Chemo in soon and we have had quite a few new additions from the likes of TH Seeds, Kannabia and Exotic Seeds. Back in stock — You can see the full list of recent back in stock items here G13 Label Pineapple...
  9. db003

    Db003's Auto Grow - Tyrone Special - Sour Bubblin' Crack - MASSassin - Mars II 700

    Hello everyone I'm db003 and welcome to my grow this will be my third auto grow all my other grow have had 2 plants max that's why I wanted to try and grow 4 plants in this tent to see how it comes out why autoflowers? I like autos for the fast turn around and easy growing this time I will...
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    Back in Stock - 17th November 2015

    Herbies will be posting a regular thread to notify customers of seeds back in stock.. Today, these seeds are now back.. BC Bud Depot Animal Cookies De Sjamaan Lady Purple De Sjamaan Widow Skunk Feminised Seeds Co Super Iced Grapefruit Genehtik Kritikal Bilbo KC Brains Danky...