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  1. Ph ec meter

    Ph ec meter

    Meters displaying my clone strength nutrient level and ph. 6.06 and a ppm of 400. Or 800ec.
  2. Grow room build and design tools

    Grow room build and design tools

    Pipe and Humidity/Temperature meter in Grow room.
  3. Stunned

    Opinions for reliable PH meter?

    I'm having real reservations about the PH meter I got.... I don't trust it at all It does EC, PH, and temp made by somebody called ATC which I got on Amazon Seems to read wildly and recently when I calibrated it, it reads high but only on the high side Like reads 4 in the low solution but...
  4. Cannabs

    Hey I search for seed

    seed with big yields very important.. and site will shiping worldwide super stealth.. i looking for 1kg-2kg per( Meter x Meter ) if not have something like that so the best one just put here the name of the seed.. :Namaste::Namaste:thank you guys
  5. T

    Best Strain

    What's the best strain for yeald? How many plants would you put in a 2.4m x 1.2 x1.8 meter tent under 2 x 600 watts lamps???
  6. ConstantGreen

    PPFD Graphs and Analysis

    Hello, this will be a continuation of my last thread, where I hand-measured and plotted the PPFD of Amare and Mars LED's with a hydrofarm PAR meter. Since then, I've also measured the Mars Reflector 192, Philips CMH 315w, etc. The point of this research is to determine the optimal footprint and...
  7. S

    First time grower 250w HID light is this enough?

    Hi Guys, I have a 600w HID light with a ballast that has controls with the ability to reduce down to 250w. The area I am growing in is around 1 meter by 1 meter. The problem I am facing is maintaining desired temperatures (20c-25c). I can only achieve such temps once I Reduce the lights...
  8. G

    GandalfGreen's 420 Carat Soil Grow - LED - Monitored With Raspberry Pi

    Hey again everyone! I loved doing my last grow and was overwhelmed with positive responses (people enjoy free weed, who would've thought!? :11:). Almost a year after completing my first grow I haven't run out yet, but my fingers are tingling again to dive right back into growing. That's why I...
  9. J

    Second Grow: The GrowMario's

    Well, nice to meet you all, this is my second attempt at growing weed, the first one went ok, but, because I knew almost nothing at the beginning made too much mistakes with lighting, soil, ventilation, humidity, etc, even had to deal with PM, the result became very frustrating we hope to get...
  10. C

    Sensi Skunk - 90 Watt LED Grow

    hello all equipment: - seed: sensi skunk feminized (80% Indica) sensiseeds - 90 watt led (metered 60 watts, 45x2W leds, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5, red = 630nm | blue = 460nm | orange = 610 nm) ... 15-30cm lightdistance moving with the plant - 140x60x60 tent and later in a homebox 160x80x80...
  11. S

    Looking for PPM/PH meter

    Looking for PPM/PH meter. Switching form soil to DWC. Don't want to spend a sh*tload of money on a meter but if anyone knows of a good chinese knock off I'm good with that. Thanks spy
  12. C

    Purple Bud - 90 Watt LED Grow

    hello all :hippy: equipment: - seed: purple bud feminized (75% Indica) sensiseeds/whitelabelseeds - 90 watt led (metered 60 watt, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5) ... 20-30cm lightdistance moving with the plant - homebox 160x80x80 - plagron jiffy - soil: canna bio terra plus - fertilizer: will...
  13. Mikesu58

    Attic 3x3x5 Tent Grow - Need Advice & Feedback

    Hello, I plan to start growing very soon in my Attic. I have set up a 3x3x5 Gorilla Grow Shorty Tent already, and am just waiting for the rest of my equipment to arrive, and set it up before I start the grow op. I used Styrofoam 1" reflective insulation to create a room in my attic, separate...
  14. I

    DWC first time grow

    Okay guys so I've been looking into dwc grows and very interested in them. Can someone tell me the things on my list that I'm forgetting that I need for the grow, I have 4 5gal dwc system, ph and ppm Meter, temp and humidity meter, fan, seeds, general hydroponic trio, hydroguard, ph up and down...
  15. R

    What pH meter to get? Oakton or Blue Lab

    What ph meter do you recommend?
  16. H

    Humidity won't go above 40

    I have a 3 meter by 2 meter temt 20 liter smart pota 4 600 wAtt hps lights are on for now i have a phresh stealth hyper fan 1200m3h out take on a rhino 1125m3h carbon filter with a 6 inch iso max 410m3h intake theyre on 4th week vedge temps are right but trhe humidity wont go above 40 iv added a...
  17. D

    Am I Missing Anything?

    I'm a first time grower and getting setup. Is this everything I should need to start my adventure? Any advice or opinions? Tent - GrowLab 80L - 4ft 11in x 2ft 7in x 6ft 7in Light - Mars Reflector 144 Grow - PowerGrow DWC Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon w/ 6 inch net pot x2...
  18. W

    Ppm in water

    Not quite sure where to start with this one so ill ask here and hopefully get some response....so a test of my water in a digital meter says i have 170 ppm so 170 times 10 =1700 ......straight tap water....am i not using the meter right? I dipped it and swished it around for about 30...
  19. C

    First Attempt At DWC - 5 Gallon Buckets - LEDs

    After 3 or 4 grows in soil without amazing results, I finally coughed up some $ to try some DWC. My grow space is a small 4x2 shower, walls are lines with emergency blankets and the rest is pretty straight forwards. I currently have 4 plants growing in soil that are about 2 weeks old. Im not...
  20. C

    Sensi Skunk - 90 Watt LED Grow

    equipment: - seed: sensi skunk feminized (80% Indica) sensiseeds - 90 watt led (metered 60 watt, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5) ... 30cm lightdistance moving with the plant - homebox 160x80x80 - soil: canna bio terra plus - nutes: canna bio vega (npk-ratio 3,5 - 1 - 5,5), canna pk 13/14 (npk-ratio 0...
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