1. Poopypal

    Poopypal's first attempt

    Seasons greetings and salutations all ! Before you all ask what is wrong with me, and if I am over the age of 13, let me answer those questions for you: Probably a lot of things and yes I am over the age of 13, 18, 21, 26 and won't go any higher in fear of beginning to feel old. I did...
  2. Y

    Green Crack: 2k MH & HPS In Soil

    Holla ! It's been a long time since my last post on this forum. I used to have a different account name but I was not able to remember all the info so I created another one. I usually don't share that kind of stuff but I tried to find some info on that strain ( from CKS ) but that was not...
  3. H

    Turtle Fur Coat's Count Down To The Flip! 6 Mix SCROG

    :thumb::thumb::thumb: Decided to start a second journal for my other tent of ladies. In here we've got 3 girl scout cookies, 2 blue dream, and 1 yogi diesel. All pushing their way through the net waiting for the HPS. Soil. 600 MH/HPS 4x4 tent 6" inline in, 6" inline pulling air out of...
  4. TheFertilizer

    Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, 400W MH/HPS, 4x4 Tent Grow

    Equipment and Materials: 400w MH/HPS Apollo Digital Ballast Air Cooled Hood 5k Gram Kitchen Food Scale (to weigh pots) 1 20 " Oscilating Tower Fan 2x 6" Propeller fans 4x4 Tent Vicks Warm Vapor Humidifier pH meter, along with pH calibration powder TDS meter, along with...
  5. A

    Lightbulb Moment!

    Hi All, Just wondering if someone could help me figure out what light's I should be using in a new 2x2x2 Tent I recently bought, I have been looking into x2 1000w MH/HPS otherwise should I go for x4 600w MH/HPS? How much light per square ft am I looking at with either options? Thank you...
  6. Greenchef

    600W MH/HPS - Atomic Bomb - 1st Grow

    Hello everyone! Let's get this thing a rollin' Strain: Atomic Bomb (bomb seeds) x6 Lighting: 600w mh/ 600w hps hortilux eye Air: intake 4" hydrofarm inline/ exhaust same 4" hydrofarm inline, oscillating fan for circulation. Grow medium: FF happy frog for the solo cups, then into...
  7. xave420

    How many plants under a 600w MH/HPS?

    how many plants would be recommended to grow under a 600w? mh/hps combo
  8. 4

    400W MH/HPS - Lemon Kush - First Grow

    Strain-lemon kush from Herbie's Medium-100% coco coir Lighting-400w mh (veg) hps (flower) Grow space-1mtr × 2mtr tent. Nutes-dutch master advance grow A&B Dutch master gold bloom A&B I think that's everything if you need more information just ask. Will upload pics when I figure out how :p
  9. S

    SoCalGrower's -Soil -XXX OG Clones -SFV OG Clones -Dank Club Seed - Grow Journal 2015

    Hello everyone, welcome to my first grow and my first grow journal! My grow is a medicinal cannabis grow, legal in the state of California, with the proper doctors recommendation. I've researched equipment, grow logs, Amazon recommendations for over two years to get as much information as...
  10. BUD08

    14 Misc seeds from orders, lets grow some dank!

    After my last small grow i couldnt bear not growing some more. I have started with 24 seeds that i had from other seed orders. I soked them the other night and they have been in a bag and paper towel on a heating mat for the last 2 days. I planted them today in there starter homes. Im going to...
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