1. CosmicSisi

    Help! I was given five plants: how can I save them?

    Hi guys! I am a newbie grower. I am still learning so much I have been lurking the shadows and doing research for more hours than I can count on my hands. I know some terminology and am willing to research anything anyone says that I do not know. Please bare with me here because I want to save...
  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    L-R #2 & #1
  3. Gorilla Glue Mother's

    Gorilla Glue Mother's

  4. Veg Room

    Veg Room

    Gorilla Glue, shiva skunk, Afghani, cheese, super Lemon, critical mass, amnesia, black Cali grapes
  5. 6 Bubble Gum Clones

    6 Bubble Gum Clones

    Cloned the original mother plants and these are them.
  6. Gorilla Glue - Mothers

    Gorilla Glue - Mothers

    Mothers I chose based on their phonotypes
  7. Gelato


    Filling out
  8. Veg room

    Veg room

    Everyone is holding at week 3 veg nuits.
  9. Veg Room

    Veg Room

    Gorilla Glue, Cheese, Shiva Skunk, Super Lemon, Gelato, Afghani
  10. Bubble Gum Girls in Grow Room

    Bubble Gum Girls in Grow Room

    5 Female Serious Seeds Bubble Gum born on 19/10/19
  11. Clones to Mothers

    Clones to Mothers

  12. Clones of Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    Clones of Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    Clones are healthy and strong. I have pulled the males. I #the Moms to the clone, so when they were sexed I knew what the clone would be
  13. Mothers


    Whoberry Haze #1&#2, Debilitator Kush, Gwillith
  14. S

    Sea of Green - Filling some knowledge gaps - Please help!

    Hello everyone! Let's get right into it? First an overview: The Two Stations Station 1 - 60cm x 50cm x 160cm - Mother / Veg Space - 2 Mothers Station 2 - 80cm x 80cm x 160cm - Flower Space - X Clones (to be determined with this thread!) The Procedure - Take X amount of clones every 2...
  15. nivek

    my plant was put to flower on valentines day, harvested today on mothers day

    my latest harvest, today, a mama thai/thai stick, was a plant that i put to flower on valentines day,, feb 14 :circle-of-love: and today was harvest day mothers day,, may 14,, :circle-of-love: how special coincidence??:hmmm::scratchinghead: :volcano-smiley:
  16. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Dispensaries Are Beginning To Celebrate Mother's Day

    If your mom is a “cool” mom, cannabis companies want you to think outside the box for this year's present. Several cannabis companies aren't shying away from Mother's Day like last year, just the opposite they are embracing it. “2017 is a different story. We are expecting most clients to offer...
  17. 7

    Why keep mothers and clones seperate?

    [/FONT I was told that i should have my mothers seperate in another room from the clones. Is this true and why? Please help!
  18. T

    Cloning - Then timing of it all

    This is the first time I'll be creating my own clones for next year's grow. I've already got mothers and the strains I want but what I'm stumped on is figuring out when I should clone off of the mothers to have them ready for an outdoor grow by the end of May. I would like to have them good...
  19. Katelyn Baker

    Mothers, Protect Your Families By Making Marijuana Legal In California

    This is a call to action to mothers across California to use your moral authority to speak out to end a broken system of marijuana prohibition that has been tearing our families apart for far too many decades. It may seem counter-intuitive that responsible mothers are promoting marijuana...
  20. 1ofaKind

    Blue Dream & Lemon Amnesia Haze - CFL & LED - Organic Soil

    Blue Dream by HSO - Blueberry something crossed with some Haze Lemon Amnesia Haze by Barneys - Lemon Skunk crossed with some Haze 1 seed of each sprouted January 6 (Mothers) Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Mix to start, Lamberts Organic Potting Soil for the 1 Gal pots. They will end up...
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