1. Mile HIGH Cleaner

    Independent Review Of Mile HIGH Cleaner

    :thumb:First time user exclaims, "The resin is COMING RIGHT OFF!!!" "This is brilliant" she states in a matter of fact tone. "This shit WORKS!" they both proclaim! And don't miss the classic... "Mile HIGH, You had me at Hello..." Still skeptical about Mile HIGH cleaner? This is the video to...
  2. The Pipe Cleaning Kit

    The Pipe Cleaning Kit

    Pipe Cleaning Kit with 5 bendable and strong brushes and enough cleaner to clean a basic spoon pipe 50 times or a one hitter 100 times. Faster and cheaper than ISO
  3. D

    New Vancouver Organic Grow

    Hello everyone. Thanks to all the OG's here, you have helped many people. I'm starting my first grow and I would like to log it and show my progress here. I'm a fungus guy, I'm used to growing mushrooms but this is my first time growing Cannabis. If you see anything I could be doing better...
  4. Lazyblazer

    Humboldt natural line kit

    Has anybody used or had any experience with this line? Is it organic? Partially? Thanks -LB
  5. Ron Strider

    OH: Kroger Innovation Summit Seeks Next Big Ideas In Natural Foods

    Queen City Sausage probably won't help Kroger steal customers from Whole Foods, but Queen City Hemp just might. Hence, the Findlay Market startup was among more than 40 vendors invited to a natural foods innovation summit Thursday at the 84.51 building Downtown. Kroger and its data-mining...
  6. Ron Strider

    CA: Grover Beach Names Its Top 2 Picks To Sell Marijuana In Town

    Grover Beach selected its top two applicants to open medical marijuana dispensaries in the city Monday night. The two are The Monarch Group and Natural Healing Center. City Manager Matt Bronson said The Monarch was chosen because of its "strong location" off Grand Avenue, and the proposed...
  7. L

    Natural Fruit Extracts For Oil

    I am looking for all natural, no water or alcohol, extracts to add to my oil. Someone had given me some but i need more and can't find it anywhere.
  8. 7

    First grow

    Hi all...first time grower with just one plant started from seed...this is about 6 days old since it punched out of the's growing in Hyponex potting soil mixed with earthworm castings organic soil enricher...and I use only spring water from a natural spring close to my...
  9. onewarmguy

    Leaf loss during flower?

    Hi all, The girls are into their fourth week of flower and I'm starting to get some leaves turning yellow. The leaves are at the bottom of the plant and aren't getting a lot of light due to the bushiness of the leaves above. I can't remember for sure but I seem to recall reading something here...
  10. CannaPot

    Homegrown Natural Wonders On Stock Now At Cannapot

    :Namaste: We have now cannabisseeds by breeder 'Homegrown Natural Wonders' for sale here: Hanfsamen von Homegrown Natural Wonders bestellen Very nice strains of highest quality are waiting - we have eight different products by Homegrown Natural Wonders - just click on the links for...
  11. J

    Low Cost Outdoor Grow

    Hey there, Let me present my low cost grow: So i got 5 seeds (i got them for 20 euro total): 1. Bubble Gum Feminized 2. LSD Feminized 3, 4. Exodus Cheese Feminized (2 of them) 5. Galaxy Feminized I planted the seeds pointy tip up, at around 2 cm in the soil, in some small...
  12. Katelyn Baker

    Remarkable Ways Cannabis Can Help Prevent Illness

    When it comes to health, "cannabis" is the new buzzword. While this all-natural remedy has been around for thousands of years, scientists are still learning about its many different uses, including the impact it has on human health. So far, research has taught us that cannabis may be effective...
  13. S

    Possible or impossible - Harness light from outside to indoors - No Electricity

    Would it be possible to harness the light of the sun indoors without using electricity? Like having some kind of magnifying glass from a window bent to refract light back into a finite area inside the house sufficient enough to grow big buds?
  14. K

    Fronto Anyone?

    Hello WeedPeeps. Karl here from the New England side. Has anyone been using the fronto leaf wraps? I have tried them and got a taste quick. Something about the dark tobacco wrap make me feel all island-y in my heart. Anyone? I turned my friends on and they are dig-ing.
  15. Katelyn Baker

    "I'm Cancer-Free" Thanks To Hemp Oil And The Right Diet

    For millions of people around the world, cancer is a source of great fear, and when most are diagnosed with it, they regard it as a veritable death sentence, sometimes openly, but oftentimes in private. And then there are doctors, of course, who often do regard it as a death sentence out in the...
  16. Katelyn Baker

    Hemp, Flax Growing As Auto Plastics Building Blocks

    Ottawa — Auto-components researchers are developing the use of grasses such as hemp or flax to make tough but lightweight bioplastics that also help reduce a vehicle's carbon footprint by using a renewable resource. A key innovator is Bruce Dietzen, president of Renew Design, a Florida-based...
  17. Justones

    Soil pH control?

    Are using blood & bone meal the best natural ways to control your soil ph?
  18. Justones

    Moving outside need natural pest control

    Had to move outside the dome tent. Needed more room & wanted more sun. Now I need pest control. Natural would be good. Flowering just began a week ago. I have been keeping a keen eye on small worm/caterpillar like munchers..also had a few spiders. I find looking from the bottom up towards the...
  19. terpenator

    Just a little White Russian porn!

    Indoor grow under solar storm 440 led light with climate control. All natural all organic grow.Week 7 & 8, not quite ripe. ;)
  20. S

    First Grow - Outdoor Natural - Hybrid - White Widow - Ultimate Purps

    Just discovered this forum, this is my first grow, plants were vegged indoor about eight weeks and planted outdoor the middle of May along with the garden All natural soil, full sun east west all day Watered by well water with sprinkler with the garden Used Happy Frog top dressing with the...
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