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need help growing

  1. J

    Help: how's she looking?

    Hi first off hello all. I'm a first time grower and was wondering if she looks ok. Just finished week 3 of flowering. Any and all feedback welcome and greatly appreciated thank you
  2. P

    Need help sexing my first ganja plant

    Hi. I've got a small seedling. It's stem has split into 2 leaves and I don't know what sex the plant is. Can anyone tell me how to sex it ?? Any advice will help aha thanks
  3. K

    Really need help

    hello everybody, it's my first time on this site so I hope I know what I'm doing.. but apparently not, because i posted this post in all the wrong places anyway here it is: I've just started growing a JH auto running light 24 hours using a big CFL but for some reason this is what...
  4. K

    New to growing and need to make/buy a grow box for my closet

    Hey everyone this is my first post on this site and i've learned a TON from some of the other threads that i've gone through and read I'm new to growing (Never tried it before) and I need to find either a design for a simple, odorless growbox or even just one that i can buy online. I dont need...
  5. M

    MedGrowWize 1st Soil Grow Journal Attemp- 2012

    What strain is it? A variety :helpsmilie: to be determined (pictures will be up soon) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica and Sativa What percentages? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg but showing some pre-flowers and flowers as well (so far all girls) If in Veg... For how long? A few 1...
  6. U

    Need help with diagnosing my plants problem

    I'll be honest I am a complete novice at growing. This is my first grow and I need some help diagnosing it's problems. I have done loads of research to try and figure out what was wrong myself but I could do with some help from people with experience. My predictions are that the leaves are funny...
  7. D

    First time grower, Diablo OG

    Just joined. I need help growing and this site seems legit. Diablo is apprx 3 months old in an Aerogarden. so far im STOKED, its beautiful. except for some burnt leaves and the few new growths that are or hopefully WERE curling up. I'm still vegging, I flushed it on Sunday. added 11ml of general...
  8. Y

    Possible problems with my Platinum OG Kush, indoor Soil, first grow

    i kick myself in the teeth for not seeking advice far earlier, but i have this issue with a few of my platinum OG kush plants, i got as clones on 11-16-11 and now its turning 12-21-11 still in veg fer a few more days.. i was wondering if anyone knows whats going on with this. the affected...
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