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Just joined. I need help growing and this site seems legit. Diablo is apprx 3 months old in an Aerogarden. so far im STOKED, its beautiful. except for some burnt leaves and the few new growths that are or hopefully WERE curling up. I'm still vegging, I flushed it on Sunday. added 11ml of general hydroponics floragro, bloom and micro. im planning on vegging for another month but am eager to put it on 12/12 since I found out its ready. how much should I put next time I flush it? any help is much appreciated!! thanks


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High Done23, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!

I think you’ll find this is the best mmj community out there... Dedicated to spreading awareness of the benefits of Cannabis. :thumb:

Our members are some of the most knowledgable and the most helpful anywhere!

I'm a soil grower myself, and I'm not familiar with their line of nutes, so I'm going to have to leave that question for someone else... Or you might have better luck posting here: Frequently Asked Questions - 420 Magazine

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