neem oil

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    Thc bomb victim number one from My attach at trying to get more air movement through the plant .
  2. F

    Neem Overdose - Help

    I did my usual Neem oil foliar spray tonight, with the lights off. (Insecticidal soap w/ bottled water, then mix in the Neem oil, then ph down to get the solution to ph 5ish as instructions say) Already when I mixed I was baffled why it took so much ph down to get the ph down, in the green...
  3. flowerfarmer

    nuit lock out: AgSil 16 or neem poisoning?

    Hello 420 folks. I thought I'd try starting a small thread to diagnose my first ever serious plant issue(and I have grown for years). I have three plants outside that are all doing the same thing the oldest fan leaves are developing brownish/rusty spots about the size of a dime then turn yellow...
  4. E

    Newbie here... Need a little help!

    Hello guys and gals! I am happy to be a new member here and I just started my first grow from seed on December 11th. I have been extremely happy with my results thus far. The strain seems to be indica dominant from bagseed but I ran into a fungus gnat issue about a week or so ago. After doing...
  5. N

    Hello from a Neem grower

    Since Neem is relatively new to most growers, farmers, etc. there are usually lots of questions about using it. I'm fortunate to have been asked to be greenhouse manager at a Neem tree farm here in Florida. I've learned a tremendous amount about growing and using Neem products of all kinds. I...
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