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I did my usual Neem oil foliar spray tonight, with the lights off.
(Insecticidal soap w/ bottled water, then mix in the Neem oil, then ph down to get the solution to ph 5ish as instructions say)

Already when I mixed I was baffled why it took so much ph down to get the ph down, in the green house I was overwhelmed by the extremely "citrusy" smell which was never so intensive when I sprayed neem.

30 seconds later after I already sprayed the leaves it dawned on me, instead of 0.3ml for my 300ml I used 3ml - TEN TIMES AS MUCH.

So immediately after I realized this I made a new solution, this time the right amount.

Went back and sprayed everything again LIBERALLY and well, hoping that the second spray with the right amount would wash off from before when I used way too much.

Am I good? The plants were exposed to the high dosage for about 5 mins, as long as it took me to mix the new solution.

Major PITA

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No idea. I would have rinsed them off with plain water. :goodluck:


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Keeping fingers crossed but they seemed to have survived it, don't see any bad signs. Don't know about rinsing with plain water since pure water would probably not wash-off/dilute the oil well. Late at night yesterday I actually sprayed them a second time with the normal dose.
0.3ml is just such a ridiculously tiny amount, I used a small hand sprayer.

Run into similar problem too with my GH nutes a while ago, 2.5ml (for seedlings) PER TEN LITERS is 0.25ml (!) per Liter. Those are so tiny amounts it's easy to oversee, fill a dropper/syringe etc. and then realize that the 2.5ml (which is already just a tiny bit) is already 10x too much. :)


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You're fine homie. You made the right decision by rinsing them. They will be completely fine.


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I use about 1.5 tsp/gal. My outdoor plants (not mj) get about 3tsp/gal. Few drops of dish soap to break up the oil... bing bang boom.
Be sure to spray the stomas on the undersides of all the leaves.
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