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  1. N

    Am I doing this right?

    Well hello there, I'll start by apologizeing for the length of this post, I'm a very passionate beginner and I'm new to this site and to growing and I know I won't get it right the first time but I'm trying my best to succeed. So my buddies and I decided to start a farm in a basement and it kind...
  2. Smkriz99

    White, reddish leaves help

    Hello 420 fam!! I have ran into this problem we’re I just planted new girls and out of no where the leaves have started to turn almost white with redish spots? Is this because the light could be to High? Or what ?? I’m totally confused ??
  3. Revenantecho

    New grower here!

    Hello everyone, this is my first time as a member of any online community and I'm excited to jump right in! I have been trying to get my grow started for a while but I get lost trying to figure everything out so I'm looking for a little direction. I will be growing in an 8x8 shed and would like...
  4. P

    Room getting too hot

    my room is getting to 104 i have one fan and a 600 watt metal halide that uses a digital ballast. is it okay for me to run my ballast on 75% or even 50% i have herd it ruins the bulb but i have also herd to change the bulb when starting new crops i had i on 100% and it killed my seedlings at 17...
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