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  1. Ron Strider

    Mendocino County Holds Another Workshop On Cannabis Businesses

    The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors will hold a workshop Tuesday morning to discuss how local businesses providing both medical and recreational marijuana can operate. In the report prepared for the May 2 meeting, staff notes that it made several changes to the Cannabis Facilities Code...
  2. BraicaBrick

    Notes through the Nodes

    What are your ladies listening to? Gotta have the Sevendust!
  3. SweetSue

    SweetSue's Class Notes

    This thread is meant to be nothing more than a place to drop notes from the many classes I've taken on the subject of medical cannabis. I'll never turn away from a discussion of the material that's going to be dropped here, but it's really only meant to be a processing center for class notes.
  4. D

    Buying nutrients

    I am thinking of buying ans notes. Hate to be wasteful and there bundles have all these cool names....but what is really necessary. Any help appreciated. I use kelp types one is 5-1-1 and other more micro notes. Also some peters 20-20-20 on rare occasions.to soil I add some lime, cow poop...
  5. K

    New Zealand: Government Could Be Earning $150M From Taxing Cannabis

    UPDATED 11.47am One of the main New Zealand agencies that assesses addictions says Treasury should act on its own advice. Notes from an internal Treasury brainstorm on New Zealand's drug policy, show the Government could be saving the taxpayer $400 million through reduced policing costs, and...
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