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  1. tokes

    The East Bay Funk Chronicles

    Whats up fellow Tokers! I'm looking to start an interactive journal where I can post my thoughts and progress as I continue experimenting with my small home grows. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you all here so any advice or feedback would be much appreciated. Please make sure to...
  2. B

    Any experience?

    Has anyone tried this bloom tea from red frog? It was recommended to me today and was wondering if anyone has any input. I’d like to use it in conjunction with my down to earth dry amendments. Mostly during weeks 3-5 for a little bit of an extra boost. Just don’t want it being to “hot” or...
  3. B

    Good tea for PK boost?

    What up growbros! What do you guys think about a simple tea to help boost the P and K or my girls during weeks 3,4,5 of flower? Was thinking about per gallon to add 1 Tbsp of DTE Langbeanite (0-0-21.5) 1 Tbsp DTE seabird guano (0-11-0) 1/2 Tbsp DTE Azomite (for trace minerals and such) 1 Tbsp...
  4. B

    What do you guys do? DTE

    Not really a question….. but just curious on everyone’s feeding schedule using dry amendments? Doing a side by side with fox farm trio and their bestie blooms and cha Ching. Trying to run organic grow using dry amendments from down to earth in ocean forest soil and that’s it. Well and the...
  5. B

    FFOF Flowering?

    What’s up growmies! I’ve just recently made the switch to organic dry amendments and have a question. Yesterday I went from a one gallon pot to a 5 gal pot using ocean forest soil. I’m on week 5 and would like to flip into flower at week 6. So, I was wondering if I should add my 4-8-4 flower...
  6. MightyMoe22

    2nd Run Ever: Cheese Auto & Cement Shoes Photo From Canuk Seeds, Join Me!

    So this will be my second time ever growing these awesome plants. My first round was a kushberry from dna genetics. I was in a 2x4x7 tent and vegged her for 62 days and flowered for 76. I used a 600w hps through veg then switched to a 1000w hps for flower. Grew her in dirt in a 7 gallon fabric...
  7. M

    6 x AK 47 Grow Journal 2019

    Hello everyone, I am in search of a good keeper and finally decided to order a 6 pack of original serious seeds' AK-47 from attitude. I soaked them for 24 hours in a glass of distilled water, and then planted them. All 6 seeds germinated in 24 hours after planting and this is day 10: I use 200...
  8. SQl2kGuy

    SQL2kGuy's FFOF Soil, Sweet Seeds Autoflowers & Photoperiods, Grow Journal 2019

    July 24 2019 - Update Overview Welcome to my second grow. In my first grow I focused on nutrients and on training the plants using LST and HST. In this grow I am going to be focusing more on any advanced topics I can track down, starting with Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD). Once I have VPD...
  9. SlyTown420

    Seedlings Peat Moss & FF Ocean Forest

    Is it wise to use peat moss as a medium during the "baby seedling" stages to provide the root system an easy way to make its way around the pot? From what I have read it should be mixed at a minimum of 50/50 with a good soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Is it ever acceptable or smart to use just...
  10. L

    First Grow - 4x2x6 400W

    Just started my first grow ever yesterday! I'm super excited to document the process! Here are some details: Strains: 2 Girl Scout Cookies and 2 Blue Dream Growing State: Clone/Veg Pot Size: 1 gallon fabric pot -> 7 gallon is the plan Light size and details: 400w MH/HPS non-air cooled. I got...
  11. Stansama

    Stan's First Soil Sour Diesel Grow! 2017

    Hello members and guests! My name is Stan, I'm a new grower and member here and decided it would be fun to document my first grow as I've enjoyed reading other journals. I was born and raised in Maine, and have been using marijuana for about 14 years for recreational and self medicated use to...
  12. Rider509

    Rider509 First Grow - Indoor Soil - White Widow Journal - 2017

    First time grower and I don't even partake! I stopped smoking over 30 years ago but I keep several strains on hand for my friends that do, just as I keep my bar well stocked. I love researching strains, the smell of marijuana, and seeing the differences in buds of different strains, but mostly...
  13. J

    Cal-Mag Issue?

    Hi - Total Newbie here: I Noticed a bit of browning just yesterday that has increased today. Looking through the threads here seems it could be a Cal-Mag issue? I'm using bottled water; the PH is around 6. No additional nutes have been added. Before I make this diagnosis I would...
  14. J

    CFL Livingroom Grow

    (1) 124W 120V blue CFL 4 of 5 seeds cracked in the starter pods on Day 1. Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 9/13/15
  15. WestSideGrow

    BC Grow Journal

    Alright 420, ladies and gents. Welcome to my bc grow journal ! Little Information- Strain: BC Medium: Fox farms (Ocean Forest) Indoor outdoor?: Indoor I had a different grow journal that was going good but ended bad. Pulled the plug on her(RIP). But hey All the more reason to get this one...
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