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Alright 420, ladies and gents. Welcome to my bc grow journal !

Little Information-

Strain: BC

Medium: Fox farms (Ocean Forest)

Indoor outdoor?: Indoor

I had a different grow journal that was going good but ended bad.
Pulled the plug on her(RIP). But hey All the more reason to get this one grown 100% ! :cheer:
please feel free to give me your 100% advice! I am a grower looking for guidance:Namaste:
Just got a sprout out of her lastnight. New grow setup!
Pictures up tonight! Much love from the west side ! :)


Nug of the Month: Feb 2014
Yarrrrrrr come see the skywalker OGs later me lad. The skips in port said it be the finest of smoke, get ya higher then polvaulting with a cracken i tell yee. Makes thee lesser skallywags think they luke skywalker about to blow up the death star. But I slapped them scurvey dogs and blew me cannon along their wenches starboard side.

Har har har.


Nug of the Month: Feb 2014
I would either use GLR or 24/0 lighting. GLR is 12on 5.5 off 1 on 5.5 off

Obviously for flowering you want to use 12/12 or even 11/13


Nug of the Month: Feb 2014
the first week or two are always the slowest. They grow more under the soil then they do on top.

Heres some encouragement for ya


Nug of the Month: Feb 2014
TBH smoking while you grow, at least for me... is bad news.

You get so paranoid, and I am naturally a paranoid guy. but when I am not stoned I know what the shit is that I really should be paranoid about. But when you are stoned you tend to blow shit out of proportion, then all of a sudden you think everyone knows about your plants and they are all watching ya or something :D.
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