1. aceknight

    Double Tappin' African Original Seeds

  2. CC055FEC-5796-468C-B0D5-E1580DF55098.jpeg


    Can’t wait til she cures up
  3. Ron Strider

    California Cannabis Farm Partners With Florist To Create Wacky Weed Holiday Wreaths

    A California cannabis company has hooked up with a Los Angeles florist to create a limited-edition holiday wreath laced with an ounce of marijuana buds. Henry's Original, which produces and sells 'heirloom cannabis,' has partnered with Amy Nicole Floral to make and sell the custom wreaths...
  4. Dusted


    Male, 62, single, Alberta. I've been growing indoors for about 40 years. I tried a side by side comparison with soil vs hydroponics under a 1k watt mercury vapour many years ago and got hooked on hydroponics. I actually still use my original setup, in an abbreviated fashion. The original...
  5. D

    Abandoned Outdoor Gorilla Grow - Incredible Bulk, Original Cheese & Tutankhamon

    I started the incredible bulk and original cheese on April 1st seedlings were veged indoor under 5x 150w equivlent daylight spectrum totaling 14000 lm. The incredible bulk and original cheese was transplated outdoor on April 20th. I started germinating the tutankhamon on may 20th
  6. B

    Growing issues

    I am in desperate need of help...my plants are 3 to 6 inches tall..very thin and only have the original four leaves...what can I do I'm afraid I am going to loose them...please help
  7. M

    Is the original cut of California Orange extinct?

    I have been looking for a clone-only cut of this strain in the PNW and California lately, but no can find. Some OMMP and WMMP growers tell me that it is extinct. The original California Orange... not the crossed and watered down rip-off Dutch seeds that claim such, or the various clones that it...
  8. arteekay

    Photos - Original only vs Medium, linked to original.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before. From my experience, the options in this thread's title are the two most common photo options in use in user journals. "Original" seems to be misnamed. It's really "Large", as it's resized to fit within the fixed maximum size of the (viewport?, the...
  9. J

    New original strains

    Its joeyy812 at 420magazine.com thought I would start a thread and show off some of my new an original strain and I thought maybe everyone else can share some of their original successful strings and picks so here is a few pics of some you have never heard of or seen...... so if you really got...
  10. R

    U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Suit By Colorado's Neighbors

    In what was generally considered to be the biggest challenge to Colorado's recreational cannabis laws to date, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a motion by the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma seeking to file a Bill of Complaint, effectively refusing to hear the arguments brought against the State...
  11. G

    Completed Arjan's Haze #3 - Original Cheese - 220W PL-L

    So here we have the sativa dominant AH#3 from Greenhouse Seeds and the Indica dominant Original Cheese (IBL) from Paradise Seeds. Changes to the setup compared to the first AH3 grow I posted: 60x60x160cm tent instead of 120 height. 4x55W PL-L instead of 2x80, 6400K for veg and 2700K for flower...
  12. P

    Will roots organic original potting soil burn seedlings?

    I ordered roots organic original . I will be growing a autoflower from seed in the same container all of its life . will roots organic burn a new born seedling ? I herd roots organic is hot. Is this true
  13. OrganicMan

    Abandoned OrganicMan's Original Amnesia - MK Ultra - CBD Critical Mass & Cookies Kush Grow

    Hey everyone here at :420: So on to another journal :) After doing two auto runs I have decided to go back to some photo girls with a long veg time :) As I am moving house in the next couple of months I thought this would ease the pain of moving, only having to box up a few vegging plants :)...
  14. S

    Original strains and their original breeders

    Hi Folks, I am on a new adventure in cannabis growing. I would like to grow some of the original, older strains, from the original growers/breeders. Finally, I would like recommendations on which seedbanks you would recommend from which to purchase these strains. I am asking for your help in...
  15. V

    Og Kaos piece

    I got this piece awhile ago it has a stamp that says Original Kaos I dont know much about the brand so I was hoping I can find some information on here about it. The friend who I got it from worked in a headshop he said it was made in the 80's and was a $250 waterpipe its not that I dont believe...
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