Original strains and their original breeders


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Hi Folks,

I am on a new adventure in cannabis growing. I would like to grow some of the original, older strains, from the original growers/breeders. Finally, I would like recommendations on which seedbanks you would recommend from which to purchase these strains.

I am asking for your help in compiling a list. Maybe you all could provide information similar to below:

Strain.......................Original Breeder...............Seller

Blueberry------------------DJ Short---------------------Seedsman, Bonza, True North
Jack Herer-----------------Sensi Seeds(?)--------------Bonza
Girl Scout Cookies---------??????????
Strawberry Cough---------????????
Durban Poison-------------Dutch Passion?
OG Kush
Northern Lights
Blue Dream
Silver Haze
White Widow

I know there is no way to prove who actually started the various strains, lots of people who should get credit, but are not, etc. Also, if you see a strain listed, such as OG Kush, and you believe there is a more "original" strain, please include your own opinions. For instance, you may prefer SFVOG instead, I am open to your comments.

I am most interested in experiencing the original strains in their most authentic, original form, whenever possible.

So, what are your choices for original strains I should try and grow?



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hi there i can reply to that i know all give me a sec ill fill in the blank lol and its cool your doing this keep up the good work


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Raspberry Cough jack Herer Durban Northern Lights OG Kush White Widow Silver Haze i have grown all of them i get my seeds from Nirvana
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