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  1. W


    I'm just starting my 1st grow in 25 years .Lots have changed ,hope to use 402 a big part of my research.
  2. Smeegol

    The Jerky Box Project: OG Kush & Haze 2.0

    Good Morning all @:420: . I'm a Saffa all my life, lived in Vergennes,V.T. at a summer resort on Lake Champlain for bout 5 years and ski resorts during the winter, loved my time there, the sights, the places, the people I met OH WOW, but V.T. stole my heart cause of Autum colors. Been a hectic...
  3. J

    An introduction

    Hello people I'm new to this but would just like to introduce myself I'm, Johnsy and I'm looking forward to being part of the 420 community thank you.
  4. GrnRm

    Just getting started

    Hey, y'all, I'm new to the site, and have been growing for about a year now. I'm ust starting to get things the way I pictured it at the start. After a few moves and random issues, the newest setup is getting its last couple of things before it's up and running. I have a 6 site (5 gal bucket)...
  5. H

    New to the 420 mag community but not farming

    Hey what's up everyone it's nice to be part of the community I'm 1happy farmer here:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  6. BigMauka

    BigMauka's First Closet Grow

    Aloha! This is my first grow and I'm extremely excited! I honestly didn't have the space for a tent so I cleared a closet and modified it accordingly. I'm giving it a shot. -----The Setup----- Space: small closet Light: viparspectra 600w and a 36w red led for some help with the red...
  7. S

    Smartie's first grow fridge - My Cerebro to connect with smart brains to guide me

    Hello everybody and welcome to my fridge to grow box adventure. :woohoo: I will post some pictures of the blank canvas we have so obviously my first question would be asking you to look at this canvas and consider it to be yours. What would be your idea or ideal setup, the goods, the bads...
  8. onewarmguy

    Leaf loss during flower?

    Hi all, The girls are into their fourth week of flower and I'm starting to get some leaves turning yellow. The leaves are at the bottom of the plant and aren't getting a lot of light due to the bushiness of the leaves above. I can't remember for sure but I seem to recall reading something here...
  9. Ron Strider

    French Ex-Drugs Squad Chief Faces Cannabis Smuggling Charges

    The former head of France's anti-narcotics agency has been charged with complicity in drug smuggling as part of an inquiry into controversial methods used by the police to bring down drug barons, legal sources have said. François Thierry was charged on Thursday with complicity in the...
  10. nobodyhere

    Help sexing

    At 47 days, not feminized seed...thoughts? Plant #1 Plant #2 Part of me says leaning male, other part...too early to tell. FWIW, I am still in veg.
  11. K

    CO: Marijuana Home Grows Busted In Metro-Area Raids

    DENVER – Law enforcement in the Denver metro area served numerous warrants as part of a multicounty illegal marijuana grow and distribution bust on Thursday morning, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency said. Raids at about 20 locations began early in the morning in Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas...
  12. 420

    420 Magazine Seeking News Hawk & News Moderator - Paid Positions

    Would you like to become part of our Team? 420 Magazine is looking for a passionate and dedicated member who would like to become part of our dynamic and dedicated team. We are in the business of bringing the message of Cannabis and Hemp awareness to the world and you could be a part of this...
  13. M

    1 or 2 for new 2x3x7 Grow Cabinet

    First... great forum. Got tons of great input to help me setup/plan my grow. Simple question... 1 or 2 plants? Details: space is a 2'x3'x7' cabinet. 300W LED Hydro: GH Waterfarm system Nutes: GH grow/micro/bloom 4" inline exhaust w/filter Seeds: Blueberry; Royal Moby; Critical Widow; Snow...
  14. M

    Need help for sexing - DWC - Unknown seed

    Hello everyone, Im new to 420magazine. Ive been growing since 2 years now. I need help regarding sexing a marijuana plant witch is an unknown bag seed. Have topped this plant around 3 times and she ended up having around 16 heads. All the heads look like they are female part...
  15. L

    Education needed on nutrition maths for DWC single bucket 2 plant system

    hey guys/girls new hydroponic grower here. i tried my hand at an ordinary indoor grow but due to inexperience, lack of patience and knowledge, it failed horribly it didnt flower properly at all. this time im trying like i stated above a ,single bucket, dwc with two plants. i have the necessary...
  16. K

    CA: PopCultivate Fuses The LA Culinary & Cannabis Worlds Into A Pop-Up Dinner

    We explore the world of PopCultivate, a private dinner club in Los Angeles that infuses medicinal cannabis into a multi-course feast. Following the vote to legalize recreational marijuana in California, the marijuana industry is gearing up for some major changes come January 1, 2018–what...
  17. I

    Help with harvest - Timing for flush -Pics inside

    Set up is a 600 watt mh, been under flower for 7 weeks strain is hemlock, Durban poison/la confidential, flower time is 63-73 days uding 3 part general hydro in dwc this is only my second grow and never really understood when it was time to harvest, no amber tricombs yey but as the pictures show...
  18. smokeywokey

    Hi from Oceania

    Hello, I'm looking forward to being part of the 420 community. Peace
  19. K

    Nute/PH issues

    Hi all. Hoping for some help on what to do. I'm getting leaves that look like the link below on the lower leaves with red striping on the stems. https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/phosphorus-deficiency-vegetative.jpg I'm growing in 2 part Pro mix, 1 part coco, 1 part sea soil. Nutes...
  20. B

    Feedback on part time work venture

    Hey, I'm looking to set up a part time venture. I'm in Mass and been growing for personal use for awhile now. Looking for feedback from growers who have experience in this.