420 Magazine Seeking News Hawk & News Moderator - Paid Positions


Would you like to become part of our Team?

420 Magazine is looking for a passionate and dedicated member who would like to become part of our dynamic and dedicated team. We are in the business of bringing the message of Cannabis and Hemp awareness to the world and you could be a part of this important mission.

We are looking for a member with a proven posting history, who show maturity, frequent site access and a willingness to work hard, without issues of ego. We want someone who is patient, caring and compassionate. Is this you?

News Hawk: Description

Scours the net for the latest and most important 420 related news, events, facts and information. Ensures proper citation, credit and formatting. Posts, monitors and participates in 420 News related discussions.

Being a staff member with 420 Magazine will require dedication and time. You will need to be available on a daily and regular basis, demonstrate that you can and will work as part of our mature and dynamic team and communicate professionally. We want you to be honest and hard working, and exhibit the qualities of accuracy and timeliness.

Please, only established members who have a review-able and violation-free post history need apply.

If you can't commit the time, haven't been a member very long or have not been signing in frequently, please wait a cycle, participate more and apply next time.

Ask questions if you have them, tell us why you're the right person for the job and please post your application in this thread.

The time has come to exercise your 420 activism gene.

I'm in ...available....eager...excited...no ego...well maybe a small one hee hee. Computer savvy..No violations other than Violator Kush. Semi retired , lots of time for research and compassionate about the cannabis news and developments. It would be great to get paid for what I do anyway in my spare time. :thanks: A few questions:

pay or compensation
degree of difficulty finding "breaking news" sources
hours of due diligence required per day
contract or employee
direct deposit?
Well, this is tempting.

How to approach the concept of a resume? Let me give this some thought and I'll be back with a proper correspondence.
The position intrigues me. I'll grant, I've kept my nose away from news stories, because my focus was on researching medicinal cannabis and getting my feet under me with the Study Hall, but that's turned out to be a good thing, because in the interim I learned to view the news without frustration. The timing of this job opening is almost perfect in my world.

My academic training is in the field of education. I've a BSED, Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Early Childhood from Abilene Christian University, an institution of higher learning known to send well-trained souls into the workforce. Although I never used those credentials professionally in the field of education, you can imagine how beneficial the training came to be as an entrepreneur in the field of tattooing. The minor in Art came in handy as the design artist too.

My ability to communicate effectively is all over this site. This position would be a realignment of my focus, but the goal would remain the same - to advance the cause of 420 Magazine to end the prohibitionary practices that keep us from utilizing cannabis to its maximum potential.

Am I dedicated to the site? I think that question has been answered. Do I have time and inclination to dedicate to the search for relevant news and share that with the membership? Absolutely. I'm a retired woman who discovered she has a talent for writing. I have so much time it's enviable, and yet, are there ever enough hours in the day to get it all done? Not a problem when you're having so much fun.

I'm capable of fine-tuning the prose to meet the needs of the position, understanding that this folksy means I have of carrying on conversation can be tempered to a more mature and responsible demeanor. I believe some of my work here speaks to my ability to adapt. Of course proper citing and credit will be of primary concern. Practice is all that's needed here to make it a matter of habit.

Ego..... I don't think mine would recognize me anymore. Not a problem. If I'm having problems communicating I'm going to look to my own attitude first and see if I can amend it to hear what the other member is trying to say. No need to get pulled into a clash of egos. Like I said, mine's been set aside already.

I'm certain matters of compensation would be workable. It'd be nice if a laptop was part of the package, but that's me whistfully thinking.

I don't know enough of our members to tell you if I'm the best person here for this job, but I can assure you you'd be hard pressed to find one who will work harder with more passion. I'd be honored to be seriously considered for the position.

You know where to find me for finer details.

If the hiring process is up open to members voting, I vote for Susan. UNLESS the job pays 6 digits, has benefits then I vote for myself.
If the hiring process is up open to members voting, I vote for Susan. UNLESS the job pays 6 digits, has benefits then I vote for myself.

Eako , you could vote for her in the contest for member of the month. I did. Personally I think votes would be a ________( fill in the blank) way to qualify for a job ( like president of country). I think a more detailed job description would be a plus as well. From what I gather , the "News Hawk " will cut and paste breaking news feeds for the "News Moderator" to edit or whatever. Just guessing tho, I dunno.

Being well connected with Washington insiders or legal state legislators and congressmen and congresswomen or cannabis business insiders would be a plus for breaking news , fake or whatever, " a friend of a friend said this is about to go down", that sort of thing, but then you would be a journalist and not a simple, cut and paste, news hawk. A lot of the stuff I read on the news e-mail here I have already read somewheres else. A lot of the 420 news is also stuff I have not read yet and I have no clue where it comes from ( prolly from local newspapers, state to state).
Thank you for your offers, Sue and Gudyul, we are truly grateful. We are researching your posting history and discussing your applications with the team, and will get back to you as soon as possible. :thanks:
I am a 64 year old man! I first smoked marijuana when I was 14. One of my latest claims to fame was that I was the first person in the State of Nevada to get a medical marijuana card! Of course, that was back in 2001. Prior to that, I was active in working with the State representative that introduced the legislation (AB453) that eventually became law. I lobbied many of the State Senators & Represtatives in behalf of the legislation. I also testified in the State Senate on behalf of medical marijuana. I have also been a legal grower (for myself) since legalization!
Currently, I have had an excess of time as I was recently terminated from my casino position for having THC in my system (go figure).
During this time away from work, I have spent every day Tweeting and otherwise contacting State & Federal officials in support of the eradication of federal laws against marijuana!
I believe I would be a good addition to your staff & would jump at the chance to prove myself! And, getting paid for what I believe in would be a dream come true!
I look forward to hear from you!


Ron Smith
I'm up to the task. Take a chance on me and 420 Magazine will come out golden.

I've lurked this site for 3 years, am a bilingual US citizen living abroad in a cannabis friendly south american country doing medicinal research on the singular plant that everybody loves. I am a grower, a consumer, an activist, and I work in a laboratory developing legal and safe cannabis derivatives on a national level. From seed to the endocannabinoid system!

Medicinal administration of cannabis via tinctures is just a part of my full time work in Colombia. I make my own schedule so there is plenty of time to devote to 420 Magazine News Hawk responsibilities. The mainstream media cannot be trusted according to current US President Donald Trump. I propose to uphold a pledge of offering concise, straight-forward news articles hand picked from cross-referenced sources that are cutting edge and focused on all things cannabis.

Pick me!

Omega Man :bongrip:
420 Magazine Seeking News Hawk & News Moderator - Paid Positions

Wow this would b a really cool job working for 420 magazine I'm a active member or normal a life long activist for mj use. I really enjoy the growing process and have hade really good grows now in a young guy looking to get my word out there and would love to b a part of your community I'm on every day and know how to use the net to my advantage and I'm willing to put in work. Now I am not the most qualified but I'm most willing to make my every waking day on earth to spread the awareness of 420 magazine and marijuana related information. That the world needs to know. I believe with we can bring everyone together ad love each other a little more with a little weed in our head and harts

Growing happiness world wide .
Dear 420 staff,

I'd like to apply for the job offered. Please consider my application. I will work long hours for very little money. :)

Very friendly and polite, very respectful and like to treat people with respect. Being part of a team like 420 is a dream of mine since i was a kid. If given the chance i will work hard a will prove myself to be an asset.
I have to agree with oldschool, I only know one person (besides me :) ) that dig in deep, when doing reseach
SweetSue is so suitable for the position :circle-of-love:
Thank you to everyone who submitted applications for the position of News Moderator, we are truly grateful.

We have chosen Sue Sweet, formerly known as SweetSue. :cheer:

Taking on 5 new staff members over the last few weeks has proven to be quite the challenge, so we'll open this door again in the near future, once everyone has been trained and working smoothly. :thanks:

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications for the position of News Moderator, we are truly grateful.

We have chosen Sue Sweet, formerly known as SweetSue. :cheer:

Taking on 5 new staff members over the last few weeks has proven to be quite the challenge, so we'll open this door again in the near future, once everyone has been trained and working smoothly. :thanks:


Good choice! congrads to Sue's Sweetness!
Fortunately for some, unfortunately for others, the News Moderator position is once again available, so we will begin researching more applicants again at this time. :cheer:
I have already sent you information about my qualifications, and lack of! Hahaha!
I am a self-motivator & a diligent advocate of marijuana legalization! I have sent out Tweets daily to my State Representatives and every other official that might listen! And, even to those who I know will not listen, as I feel they above all, need to be inundated with daily opinions!
Feel free to check out my Tweets under the handle "SkiBum1353".
I would love the opportunity to work for something that I truly believe in, such as making marijuana available to those who need it!
I also believe very much in making it available as a recreational "drug" although I hate to refer to it as a drug!
But, if it takes one drunk off of the street, as an alternative, I will call it whatever it takes!
I hope you will consider me as a serious candidate for the open position!

Ron Smith
Hi, I'm interested in the position. I'm retired, but in a former life I was a reporter/photographer for dailies and weeklies and magazines, did copy and content editing for them and for book publishing companies too, and worked in the art departments as well (AD and other positions). Midway through the career I found the tech side, and I've been creating web sites and writing for a few sites as well. I am pretty new here, though, and I know you're looking for a longer posting history than I have, but maybe my qualifications can override a bit of that? I can email a resume, samples and links to sites where hopefully some of my work is still up or at least in the archives. Thanks for reading and good luck with your search.
Thank you all for your applications, we are truly grateful. We are currently reviewing 25 resumes and will begin getting back to some of you soon for more information. :thanks:
I have spent elongated periods of time devoted to studying this plant, it is a powerful source of strength, utterly malleable to those whom are open to receiving such puissant gifts it has to offer. With it, I am always in a perpetual, seemingly ceaseless ongoing state of learning. I trust what it confers, what it fosters, what it produces, what it yields, what it shows; all of which reiterating, are ultimately utilized for growing/evaluating prejudices one may have of another. I believe, perhaps more than anything, the implicit worth, the sagacity of this innocent plant, a plant which reveals to the user what is complimentary to the journey of it's user. From my end, you can expect an equally devout and devoted accentuating force that further promotes the much needed vocalizing voice, the echoing ambassador for this life-saving emerald-colored agent...the very same agent that has indeed, proliferated and inspired the musical artisans/craftsmen/architects of a multitude of societies to reach a climactic point in their lives where what was necessary to enhance their lives was the ingestion of this awesome force. Do you want a meticulous researcher? Do you want somebody who will commit themselves the energy required, a person deliberate in their appeal, constructive in their approach, methodical in their dissemination pf information, and finally progressive in their approach? Cast your die, and see what we cannot alchemically produce together!
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