1. S

    Week 14 Northern Lights & Strawberry Cheesecake Autos..Should I Harvest?

    I have Northern Lights & Strawberry Cheesecake Autos. The northern lights(first 4 pics) has a few colored trichs but the strawberry cheesecake(Last 4 pics) trichs aren’t maturing as I thought I’m basically at week 14 should I cut?
  2. DarionOzb

    Did 12-12 ruin my grow?

    Hey everyone! Just gonna cut to the chase here... New to growing, ive only done 2 runs since march of 2019. First run yielded 14grams, second one 1oz. I think I mightve misunderstood something along the way of learning how to do this by myself. Everytime someone said, "to initiate the...
  3. todays


    Outside greenhouse temps at 20 at this time
  4. Macdaddy420

    Dark Gorilla x Blue Orbit Pheno Hunt

    Hey guys so I’m going to do a pheno hunt. It’s the first time I’m doing this so if you have advice or tips, don’t hold them back! I will be growing regular seeds that I crossed last season. Blue orbit (blueberry x spoetnik #1) X dark gorilla (dark devil x gorilla glue #4). Both stable strains...
  5. Caper420


    I started 4 plants 2 were auto 2 were not ..there in a 4x4 tent under a 1200 led light what should I do or will they be ok together??? The grow time for each is about the same.. Type:Auto-flowering Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Type:Feminized Indoor /...
  6. S

    4 Strains - LED Tent Grow

    Starting a journal for my first grow! I'm trying four different strains; northern lights, onyx, blue kush, and purple mazar. All feminized autoflowering. My grow setup is a 30"x30"x64" grow tent. 2x "1500w" LED lights (about 275w actual). 190cfm online fan with a carbon filter. A small...
  7. F

    CO2 question

    I have a small 3x2x6 foot space. 650watt led staged grow light with a 4" carbon filter and speed adjusted inline fan. I also brew wine. If I ran a line from my 5 gal carboy to the grow space. Would I see any benifit to the plant in terms of adding co2 or is it just a waste of time? Thanks
  8. B

    Flushing with Florakleen to reduce P toxicity

    All was going so well, then blammo, over 3 days' time it looks like I have an excess of P along with accompanying iron deficiency. I haven't been supplementing ANY P, but I did transplant into FFOF soil 2 weeks ago, started bloom a week ago, and began using Nirvana which maybe made it so my...
  9. D

    Help First Time Fellow Grower

    Help I've created a monster ! :yikes: My first time growing , using small stealth grow box . I grown this an abomination after two weeks. Can you tell me at went wrong . How can I prevent this from happening next time ? Strain - not sure # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Hydro - water culture Grow...
  10. F

    Last posted by

    It's funny reading posts and looking what people are growing and what time they post to the site. Post time India early post late post Sativa lol
  11. L

    How long Cali OG Kush Haze takes from flip date?

    Could anyone tell me how long Cali OG kush haze takes from flip date? I Got 75 days left before I need to move over seas, and It's my First time growing, and I would like to try my product before leaving. Thank you for your time
  12. T

    Beginner's advice for making cannaoil

    I've been toying with the idea of making a small batch of cannaoil with the leftover trim I haven't thrown out yet and flaxseed oil, but I'm a total noob. I don't have the recommend 1-2 ounces of trim, but I figure just as a practice run I could cut the amount of oil to match and kinda wing it...
  13. Network23

    Ben's Horus CXB 200 Vs Black Diamond Goliath - Part II

    Day 1 - 18h* - EC 1.1 / PH 5.7 As already threatened, I would like to start my second LED run. This time I turned both tables to each other and provided both systems with only one nutrient solution tank. It saves me at least 1 hour of work and it works perfectly. In addition, I now connect the...
  14. T

    Auto flowering

    Im thinking about trying auto flowering strains this time but Its my first time. My question is how many plants should I aim for in a 2,4mx2,4m (6m2) with 4x600w hps. growing Sog and a coco, perlite and vercumlite mix. Since I have no control over veg and cannot flower them when right size, I...
  15. T

    A superior house plant

    So I am wondering. I will eventually get into growing my own, but without any experience whatsoever, is there a good seed or one that's easier to grow than others for a newby like me? I would just like to have it in with my other house plants if possible without making it its own little...
  16. F

    Crop King

    Was trying the online chat but can't respond the girl asked what she could help with but I don't know where to respond. My question would have been white widow fem that I'm growing wanted to know the time they say is there flower time
  17. A

    Do I have time?

    Hey guys. I'm bored working on the road. I have 3-4 months left on this job. I have 6 feminized sour patch kush seeds. 52-60 days flowering. Was thinking about grabbing a tent, and leds today and popping them. Do I have enough time, or should I wait?
  18. F

    When you flip

    When you flip to 12-12 is this the time you start counting your flower time?
  19. O

    420's DWC Oldsmoker75 Grow Journal - 2017 Auto Blueberry

    hi people im a 40 something smoker for many years but just recently started my first grow Autoblueberry seeds from Seedsman! = bought at local store )-: wont make that mistake again THC: 8-15% CBD: 1.29 % CBN: 0.48% Yield: 350 — 400 g/m2 Flowering: 25 — 30 days Harvest...
  20. T

    First Time Grow - Cabinet Set Up

    Hello 420 Mag, first time poster and first time grower. Came to see what you guys (the experts) can tell me (noob) how everything looks Cabinet is approximately 17"x17"x72in Almost everything came from Amazon: 300w LED grow light by Galaxy hydro full spectrum General Hydroponics complete grow...
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