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Help I've created a monster ! :yikes:
My first time growing , using small stealth grow box . I grown this an abomination after two weeks.
Can you tell me at went wrong . How can I prevent this from happening next time ?
Strain - not sure
# of Plants - 1
Grow Type - Hydro - water culture
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Bucket Size - 1 Gallon
Lights - (3) 100 Watt
Nutrients - General Hydroponics
PH - 6.0
Room Temperature - ~85
What lights??

What kind of Hydro?I'm not a hydro guy but others will want to know

Maybe heat stress, showing some Calmag issues

Looks like rockwool, that could be an issue also
Wow... It's hard to tell. The plant itself may just be a mutant as I don't see any fan leaves that look like a regular Sativa or Indica. Looks like you are growing in Rockwool which is technically hydro. You are in the right PH range for Hydro but possibly Cal/Mag deficiency. Hydro needs you to add Cal/Mag to each watering.

Suggestion - Get some good seeds from a reliable breeder. If size is a constraint consider growing Auto's. If wanting to grow hydro I would recommend using CoCo as it is almost impossible to overwater. Start your seeds - transplant to a pot of at least 3 gallons in size. Get a PH pen and monitor your PH after adding nutrients.

Finally - temperatures of 85 are a bit high and possibly they are spiking above that that would really cause stress.
I will say one thing, you do not need to add Cal/Mag to each nute change or top up in hydro thats rubbish... I have successfully grown now with no cal /mag added whatsoever. If you follow simple rules and use the base nutes.. in my case Flora micro which has all the goodies necessary and Flora bloom together.. no Flora grow brecause it's not needed.. You wil. Not have any deficiency issues. My plant is today 178 days old and no deficiencies to date. My media is clay pebbles not that it matters all that much unless we're talking drainage which we are not.

Ps as said above get reliable seeds or you'll always be guessing and never happy.
After re reading what I posted above I do apologize for my choice of words.. I was having a bad day.. no excuse for being rude though.
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