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    G’day Growers!

    Hello to all and happy new year to all! I have joined this forum to seek guidance and advice from the gurus of the growing community. I currently have a 4 day old seedling which i have a few questions for.This is my first grow so i am a major noob but determined to learn. Its currently growing...
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    PC Grow Box Help

    I have a pc case that is 35-40cm tall. Is this enough room for growing? If so, how do I control the height of a plant?
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    Kamy PC Grow Case - Mystery Seeds - CFL - Grow Soil Medium - Advice Welcome

    Greetnings fellow 420 Friends ! i hope you are all well and happy , One week ago i decided to turn on my pc case and start growing some bud . I have planted 5 seeds a friend gave me , he said that they are good quality and probably femenized (i hope he is right ^^ ) Here is a picture of my pc...
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    Grape Muerte Auto - PC Grow Box

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and in fact this will be my first post about my first grow. This grow is probably not gonna be one of the best grows out there on the internet but I hope that I could learn from you guys. Reading articles and watching educational videos are one thing, but...
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    Noob Planting White Widow in Stealth Grow Room - Advice Welcome

    Hello evryone ! I have been on this website before , when i had some plants growing on my home , unfortunatly i had to cancel that operation due to some problems ... fortunatly now im back ! :D I have boght a stealth pc grow box (Pc Grow Box LED Hydro; Stealth Growing Chamber) I added no...
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    Hydrococo Stealth Grow 2015

    Going to use the mainlining method to grow at least 4 colas each plant. Strains 1- Cheese 2- Auto Blueberry 3- Northern Lights All from Expert Seed Bank Medium 100% coco = No pests Nutrients Hydrococo Natural Rooting Powder Hydrococo Grow Hydrococo Bloom hydrococo PK Boost Feeding...
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    The Little Cutting That Could

    So about a month ago I acquired a cutting that had been rooted into a small soil pot. I don't live alone and the people I live with would not appreciate marijuana being grown on the premises. But I decided to try and raise the plant anyway. However I wanted to keep costs to an absolute...
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    Northern Lights By Seedsman - Autoflowering Grow Journal - First Time

    Hi there! I'm a brand new grower, iv read everything there is to know online for hours and i finally got the required equipment to grow my very own plant. :) The seed: Northern Lights from Seedman, Auto flowering but unfortunately i didn't get a feminised seed, so we'll have to see what...
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    Indoor PC Grow Box- Blueberry Crumble- Sweet Tooth- New York City- All Auto Flowering

    This is my first proper indoor grow, I'm using a PC grow box and will have 3 different auto flowering strains growing at once. I have 1 blueberry crumble, 1 sweet tooth and finally 1 New York City. All seeds are feminised and are currently being germinated using the paper towel method. So far...
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    First Grow! Micro PC Box Grow 2013 - Seed To Harvest

    Hi Guys, This is going to be my grow journal ! I have That i purchased from Spain. They are limited edition with all there plants in one room male and female to produce millions of crosses which could be amazin, I hope i get blueberry or bubblegum! I just soaked a paper towel, folded it in...
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