ph meters

  1. BakedARea

    Reliable & Affordable pH Meter

    All of the reading and research is pointing me toward getting a pH meter for measuring my water. As I understand it, growing in soil affords you some flexibility if using tap water. But many of the grow journals here an online video journals, it is quite consistent that the better grows are...
  2. Gorgar

    Comparison of 2 Basic pH Meters: Milwaukee and BlueLab

    I've used the Milwaukee MW101 for over a year and a half now, but find it a little frustrating. I recently obtained a BlueLab METPH and will present a comparison of the two. Milwaukee MW101 (MW) BlueLab METPH (BL) Both are basic pH meters and their sole function is to measure pH...
  3. Treehorn

    Ph Meter?

    Getting ready to roll our first hydro grow and wondering what kind of meters are used by our panel of experts. Is Ph the only thing Im measuring besides temp? Thanks in advance for your input. :peace:
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